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How To Make Sunflowers Part of Your Wedding

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Sunflowers Arrangements

When it comes to the Sunflower, it is an incredible bloom to have in your Wedding Bouquets and Wedding Flowers. For one, they are the perfect flower for summer. They have large heads that have the shape and resemblance of the sun and its golden rays radiating light all around. With this kind of inspiration, there is no wonder many brides have a desire for Sunflowers Arrangements.

Another great aspect of Sunflowers is that they are available year around and are even a great choice in the winter months to add some sunny warmth and tone to many kinds of arrangements. Some might wonder if their color and size is a bit too bold, however, for Wedding Floral Arrangements, but surprisingly, it blends in naturally with all other blooms.

One thing you will need to make note of is what kind of a wedding theme are you going to have? If it is a rustic wedding, you might want to add some pine cones and Succulents for a bountiful arrangement.

Another cool arrangement idea is to make it the focal flower of your Bridal Bouquet. You can add some Greenery, such as Seeded Eucalyptus, Israeli Ruscus, or Italian Ruscus. This green and Sunflower combination looks spectacular!

For the vertical look you can make a Sunflower and Rose Bouquet. You can add two or three sunflower blooms and then add your favorite Roses or Garden Roses for a complimenting pairing. Pink Garden Roses always look great with Sunflowers, and you might even consider Red Sunflowers as well.

sunflowers wedding bouquet

For a great color contrast, you might consider magenta and orange as an excellent color combination. For a bit of a more mellow tone, you might consider Burgundy Flowers as a very good duo. It seems that those two colors have a good balance with harmony and nature and are perfect for late summer or early fall weddings.

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Another surprising arrangement with sunflower is to assemble all different varieties of Sunflowers into a classic bouquet.  With all the different colors in the mix, you might consider adding some colorful Garden Roses and observe how they all manage to look splendid together.

Another great idea is to make a textured style of bouquet that will require some thin branches with greenery. This is a very appealing look for outdoor weddings and allows you to have a bit of that country appeal.

Don’t forget the Mini Sunflowers! When you create a min sunflower bouquet, you can add some Peony Flowers and enjoy the alternating large and small heads keep a really fine balance. Hot Pink Peonies really look incredible with the minis.

For a three part color tone, you might want to arrange sunflower, greens, and thistle. The three parts of these colors mixed together is perfect for a summer wedding and is sure to give your wedding dress a classic appearance.

For a bit of a softer arrangement, you can add some Seeded Eucalyptus and Lamb’s Ear. The softness of this bouquet allows the bride to carry it a bit more easily in her clutch. Some brides prefer the softness of carrying the bouquet as opposed to the bulkiness of many thicker stems to carry.

bridal bouquet with sunflowers

To create the English Rose Garden look, you will enjoy Sunflowers and Roses Bouquet, which is quite an amazing look. You can arrange with White Garden Roses, Astilbe, and Greenery and come out looking like a queen walking through her victory garden.

For a really beautiful white and yellow look, you can arrange sunflowers with Garden Roses, Daisies, and greenery that have some good length. The two colors balance each other out perfectly and in photos for your wedding, appear bright and cheerful.

For a more autumn feel, you can arrange your sunflowers with maroon leaves, and add Daisies and Seeded Dollar Eucalyptus. This bouquet looks exciting in front of a corn field ready to be harvested. The balance of colors looks wonderful together.

If you want a completely more yellow bouquet, you can arrange with Yellow Billy Balls with the shadowing of the bright yellow petals of sunflowers, and you can truly create a very warm atmosphere.

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