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Get bulk sunflowers wholesale for a rustic wedding

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Do you want your chosen wedding flowers to complement your summer wedding theme? Buying bulk sunflowers wholesale and using them to get a rustic and sunny décor is your best choice. Sunflowers are the perfect manifestation of summer; their brightness and vibrancy will highlight your décor and will make it stand out. Using some fresh and bright sunflowers in the overall wedding décor, cakes, aisle walkway, and in the bridal bouquet will elevate your wedding and will gain your praises and compliments for years to come.

Here are some unique and fun ideas to incorporate sunflowers into your wedding décor.

Hanging sunflower pomanders– Pomanders are one of the most fun and creative ways to make your wedding décor unique and exquisite. Get bulk sunflowers in wholesale and create some beautiful handing sunflower pomanders for your venue. These cheerful, fresh, and vibrant balls of yellow brightness will elevate your décor and make it striking and eye-catching. You can also use some handing fillers to give it a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Bridal Bouquets– A bridal bouquet is not only acrucial tradition but also plays a vital part in imparting the true bridal glow. A bride is incomplete without a stunning bridal bouquet. Choose some bright and fresh sunflowers and create your very own unique bouquet. You can mix some white peonies or roses or even some colorful wildflowers in the mix. Some seeded eucalyptus and broad leaves will give you an absolutely striking and mesmerizing bouquet for your wedding.

Boutonniere– Grooms often choose the boutonniere that compliments their bride and her bouquet. Sunflowers are the perfect choice for a summer wedding and they will go perfectly with your classic suit. A little greenery and a gorgeous sunflower will make your wedding suit stand out amongst the décor.

Sunflower crown– Crowns are the trending topic in the wedding industry. They are the perfect addition to an enchanting, rustic, and magical wedding. Get bulk sunflowers in wholesale and DIY some gorgeous and fun flower crowns for the bride and her maids of honor. Who would not want to look like a goddess with her very own sunflower crown for their wedding!

Flowers can be very expensive sometimes and that is why it is best to buy them in bulk. Getting them in wholesale will save you a lot of money and avail your fresh and bright flowers easily and effortlessly.

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