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The Next Big Thing In Rose Petals On Wedding

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Fresh rose petals on wedding

Roses are a symbol of love, joy, and beauty because of which their popularity every wedding season has been increasing. Fresh rose petals and dried petals have a wide variety of uses when it comes to weddings. The predominant use is the replacement of confetti, as rose petals are a more viable and natural option. This biodegradable substance is handed out to people instead of rice or confetti. This way, you add beauty, and yet no harm is being caused in the process.

Another possible use for rose petals is to create an aisle pathway for your processional. There are two traditional ways that this is carried out. Either your flower-girls do the deed, or it’s a pre-aggraded arrangement for your wedding. Even though some rose petal trends have been existent since ages, there have considerably new trends that have emerged.

In case you choose rose petals to decorate and be your dominant flower of choice, here are some new trends or in other words the Next Big Thing(s) you could do with rose petals for wedding:

Add them on your cake

Having your décor match your cake is majestic. It does bring everything together. Having rose petals on your cake can be a simple yet good enough personal touch. Instead of opting for an expensive decorative cake, opt for a simple plain white one. If you do intend to spice up the wedding cake in terms of aesthetics, add roses. There is something gentle yet exceedingly appealing about natural flowers on wedding cakes. Rose petals look like the most authentic kind of beautiful, and honestly, nothing is better than that.

Use it as your ring pillow

When it comes to wedding, details is what stands out the most. The extravagance in little details brings a ceremony to life. Ring bearers usually use while cushions or pillows to bring the ring down the aisle. One of the most interesting things you can do is use a bed of roses in a decorative basket or tray to hold the rings in. This way, yet again, you are presented with an opportunity to add and include your wedding flower into something unusual.

Rose petals for ice

This is something extraordinary and a detail you aren’t going to witness that often particularly. It is exactly what you need when it comes to your wedding is unusual and unique. What you could do is freeze organic fresh rose petals that are edible into ice cubes. Use these for all your drinks or make only for the champagne served during the toasts. Either way, this small unique effort and touch says a huge amount about how much thought you put into detail.

Rose petal garlands

String rose petals on a fishing line, and use them as garlands. This is a DIY arrangement you and your bridal party can make together. It can be this fun personal touch you can add to your wedding. You could hang these garlands on places like the chairs or your reception tables. Fresh rose petals will leave a lingering fresh scent and look breathtaking at the same time.

Use Rose Petals as Accessories

Wearable wedding flowers, this has been the trendiest trend this year. Creating lei’s for your back that can be attached to your dress is a detail above all. Again this unique detail will say so much about the underlying thought. If you aren’t comfortable having lei attached to your dress you can have it included in the bridesmaid’s dresses for the reception. Additionally, the flower girls could also wear them as flower crowns to match the bridesmaids.

Decor with Rose Petals in Wedding

How to go about purchasing Fresh petals?

If you are thinking about having fresh rose petals as an all-inclusive component for your wedding, the best way of purchasing them in bulk is also a considerable question. Of course, you can always buy them at a local flower show but just to brief you there is another viable option that is much convenient: Purchasing wholesale rose petals online. There is nothing better than doing things in your own time, ordering wholesale fresh rose petals will save you time effort and money. The positives about this are you can purchase bulk rose petals and at the same time have fresh rose petals for sale. You can be opened to more unique varieties of roses at a lower price than that of rose petals near me.

If you do opt for the option of purchasing bulk rose petals online, Whole Blossoms is at the top of its game. This online website has unique roses for the best prices available. You could buy in bulk, buy wholesale, buy fresh rose petals for sale, etc. There is nothing more convenient than having fresh flowers delivered straight to the venue, be a smart bride, and opt for online purchases on Whole Blossoms.

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