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Top Wedding Flowers of All Time – Part #4

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We are now midway through June and approaching July. Are you planning a July Wedding? Zola Weddings says this about July, “A month like July is hard to resist when deciding what time of the year is right for your wedding. Bright summer days are truly a beautiful backdrop for any celebration but do keep in mind weather, seasonal popularity, and jam-packed schedules that tag along with this wedding month.”

No matter what month you choose to get married in, the best Flowers can make all the difference in the world, and we have all the best varieties available in the market. We are adding daily to our catalog and are excited about each variety. Recently, we added Poppies and Godetia, and several others.

Flower Number 9 – Lilac

Lilac Flower is one of my favorites. I used to have Lilac Trees and knew when spring was around because of the fresh scent they always provided. They are a wonderful touch to any Bridal Bouquet and have a unique shape and design the blends great with other varieties of Flowers.

Martha Stewart offers some great tips when is comes to Lilacs, like this one: “Gather blooms in two or more hues and group them by color gradation in heavy vase. Retain some of the leaves on the shortest stems – they will form a bottom border of green. Display the composition in foyer or another public space, where its heady scent and explosive beauty will dazzle guests.”

We have several options of this Flower, such as

  • Lilac White Flowers
  • White Lilac With Blush Pink
  • Lilac Coral Flowers
  • Lilac Lavender Flowers
  • Red Lilac
  • Lilac Assorted Flowers

Flower Number 10 – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley Flower is a bit more expensive than other varieties, but the beauty they exhibit will last in your memory through the eons of time. This flower is very symbolic and often thought to represent a return to happiness.

It is also a great bloom to offer as gifts, not just weddings, but for weddings, making Wedding Bouquets with it can be extremely romantic. During the wedding season, we have brides all across the US and Canada purchasing it for Bouquets.

We have two options available

  • Lily of the Valley (White)
  • Pink Lily of the Valley

Flower Number 11 – Anemone

Anemone Flower is another one of my favorites and really looks marvelous in wedding photos. You may consider adding this beauty in your Floral Arrangements. Inside Weddings has this to say about this Flower, “Since the blooms have a bit of a personality, they look great in Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets, and also reception centerpieces! Brides who love Roses and Hydrangeas need not worry that their beloved traditional florals will fall by the wayside; Anemones look best when paired with other Blossoms.”

This is one variety we have several color choices available, such as

  • White Anemone – Dark Center
  • Anemone Flower – White Albino
  • Blush Anemone – Tinted Center
  • Blush Anemone – Dark Center
  • Blush Anemone – Rosa Chiaro
  • Pink Anemone
  • Lavender Anemone – Bicolor
  • Hot Pink Anemone
  • Purple Anemone
  • Blue Anemone
  • Green Anemone
  • Yellow Anemone
  • Anemone Chocolate Flowers – Dyed
  • Orange Anemone
  • Red Anemone
  • Bicolor Anemone White Red
  • Purple Burgundy Anemone

Flower Number 12 – Tulip

Tulip Flower definitely has a desired shape with spectacular colors. Most of our Tulips come from the best growers in Holland and comes directly to you, carefully packed, and ready for your floral preparation. We sell a lot of them and many of our clients say they love how they look in their Flower Arrangements.

Martha Stewart says, “you already know the appeal of tulips, which is why we suggest incorporating them into your upcoming wedding. While they’re perfectly fine for centerpieces and other floral decorations throughout your big day, they work particularly well in bouquets.”

We have a tremendous selection, such as

  • White Tulips
  • Casa Blanca Double Ivory White Tulips
  • Fringed Honeymoon White Tulips
  • Maureen French White Tulips
  • Avant Garde Cream Double Tulips
  • Double Tulips – Carmel Painted
  • Light Pink Tulips
  • Double Tulips – Foxtrot
  • Columbus Coral Color Double Tulips
  • Pink Tulip Flower
  • Pink Parrot Tulips
  • Lily Flowered Tulips – Pink
  • Parrot Tulips – Peach Orange
  • Tulip Hot Pink Flowers
  • Lavender Tulip Flower
  • Blush Lavender Fringed Tulips
  • Purple Tulips
  • Blue Tulips
  • Green Tulips
  • Yellow Tulips
  • Orange Tulips
  • Red Tulips

We also have many more. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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