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Succulents Aqua Gift Box

Succulents Aqua Gift Box is a very exciting if you are looking for some new Gift Ideas. When you Send Flowers Online, you are sharing a rich and rewarding experience like nothing else. Flowers have a way of decreasing anxiety and depression and always bring a smile to the person’s face receiving them. Life can be challenging and often difficult so it’s important to recognize people and give them the unexpected attention they will love to receive. This particular selection is aqua colored succulents. We have different sizes available, such as: 6 blooms, 10 blooms, 15 blooms, 18 blooms, and 50 blooms. If you are looking for the right occasion to send this lovely gift you can give them for many occasions, such as: anniversaries, birthdays, business deals, congratulations, get well wishes, graduations, housewarming, new baby, romance, sympathy, to say thank you, and to let them know you care.
1. Choose Bloom Quantity:
Price per bloom
6 Blooms
( $17.67 per bloom )
10 blooms
( $11.00 per bloom )
15 Blooms
( $8.00 per bloom )
18 Blooms
( $6.67 per bloom )
50 Blooms
( $2.60 per bloom )
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