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Wholesale Flowers for Floral Designers
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Spider Mums Hot Pink Flowers Airbrushed

Spider Mums Hot Pink Flowers Airbrushed is a provocative variety of our Wholesale Flowers collection, that has a fantastic cloudburst of hot pink, which makes it an incredible counterpart for many kinds of Floral Arrangements. The Spider Mum gets its name from the appearance of spider leg like heads that dazzle any floral arrangement with a unique texture that is different than any other bloom. This makes your Fresh Wedding Flowers look brilliant with the contrasting color of our Anastasia variety. For an arrangement idea, we recommend arranging with Eryngium Thistle, Anastasia Spider Green Flowers, and Pink Floyd Pink Rose. They are great for many kinds of special events, but for your wedding event, you can arrange them in creative ways, such as cascading floral arrangements, Wedding Centerpieces, floral walls, and floral arches. You may even want Hot Pink Rose Petals to create a lovely pathway that matches your bouquet.
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