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Hot Pink Alstroemeria Flower

5.0 out of 5 with 1 rating
Hot Pink Alstroemeria Flower is a bold choice for weddings and special event. They have large, full blooms, making them really stand out among everything else. The color of this variety adds a touch of contrast that you might be looking for, making them ideal. They have 3-5 blooms per stem and come directly from the mountains of Colombia. Wedding Flowers convey the message and meaning of every bride’s heart and desire. Hot pink is color that seems to invite playfulness and if have the right personality, this variety is sure to be a winner. We always recommend Babys Breath as filler for your arrangements and you may consider arranging this variety with hot pink roses, red peonies, and seeded eucalyptus. There are wonderful ideas as well such as arranging with pink daisies, and pink roses. We have over 3,000 varieties to choose from, so take some time to check them all.
1. Choose Stem Quantity:
Price per stem
30 Stems|120 Blooms
( $1.73 per stem )
40 Stems|160 Blooms
( $1.65 per stem )
50 Stems|200 Blooms
( $1.40 per stem )
60 Stems|240 Blooms
( $1.27 per stem )
80 Stems|320 Blooms
( $1.12 per stem )
100 Stems|400 Blooms
( $1.00 per stem )
120 Stems|480 Blooms
( $0.97 per stem )
160 Stems|640 Blooms
( $0.94 per stem )
200 Stems|800 Blooms
( $0.90 per stem )
240 Stems|960 Blooms
( $0.79 per stem )
400 Stems|1600 Blooms
( $0.77 per stem )
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