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Tibet White Organic Roses

Tibet White Organic Roses is a variety with nice, clean, white heads with an appealing, medium sweet fragrance. It is s very refreshing flower to behold in centerpieces and bouquets. It has distinguishing medium thick stems and heads about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Wedding Flowers are important to the bridal party, so finding the right variety of bloom and the right style of arrangement is very important. This variety has a certain appeal for the monochromatic look. It looks radiant with Babys Breath and other blooms of the same color, such as: White Hydrangeas, White Calla Lilies, White Carnations, White, Spray Roses, White Peonies, White Tulips, and so much more. You may also need this variety for a softer tone to contrasting colors such as: Pink Roses, Maroon Roses, Red Roses, or Green Roses. You will get a peaceful looking arrangement with this bloom and a longer vase life.
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