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Sweetness Bicolor Organic Roses

Sweetness Bicolor Organic Roses is a sweet looking variety with the perfect blend of red and light cream tones. It has thin stems and a head size of about 2 ½ inches in diameter. It looks absolutely incredible in floral arrangements and centerpieces. It has a creamy center with white mixed with red outer petals and on the tips. It looks both gentle and sophisticated. For Wedding Flowers, they have an appeal that radiates for centerpieces and bouquets. You might consider a complete arrangement with this one variety or you might consider arranging with other bicolor varieties, making it look like a plethora of colors. If you want to add more exciting details for your arrangements, you might consider Babys Breath. For a rich looking bouquet you can assemble with Peach Roses, Green Hypericum Berries, White Roses, Yellow Astilbe, Eucalyptus, and Maroon Dahlias. When you add lots of colors, it adds excitement.
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