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Halloween Goblin Green Rose

Halloween Goblin Green Rose is a classic variety of Green Flowers from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is just the right Flower for Halloween Flowers, Halloween Wedding Flowers, Halloween Wedding Ideas, Happy Birthday Flowers, Homecoming Flowers, Prom Flowers, and so much more. We added this variety into our collection of Halloween Roses because of it has Spirit Halloween all over it. Not only will this bloom look good with Green Flowers, but with Brown Flowers as well. We have many Centerpiece Ideas, but we think it looks pretty cool together when arranging our goblin with Green Rose Tinted, Bronze Airbrushed Fresh Hydrangeas, and Anemone Green Flowers Tinted. You can just use your imagination with the mystical color of these Roses. If your Halloween Theme is witches and goblins, you will have fun decorating your home or office and display them on tables and counters. They are sure to get noticed!
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