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Mum Anastasia Tip Lime Green Flowers

Mum Anastasia Tip Lime Green Flowers is a sensational variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that provides a springtime appeal for your Wedding Flowers and other floral décor. Each stem has a voluminous head that also has the unique, characteristic, Anastasia shape that adds sophistication to your Wedding Bouquets. For a nice looking arrangement idea, we recommend arranging them with Lime Green Natural Hydrangea, Jade Green Bulk Rose, and Thistle Eryngium Tinted Green Flower. This centerpiece or bouquet idea is truly sensational and can look great for indoor or outdoor wedding events. There are plenty of bloom varieties that look great with a Spider Mum, such as Yellow Alstroemeria, Yellow Dahlia, Yellow Gerbera, Yellow Carnations, Yellow Calla Lilies, Yellow Cockscomb, and Yellow Ranunculus. Creating an arrangement with white, yellow and hint of green is excellent for summer and spring arrangements and events. They also look great year around!
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60 Stems
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180 Stems
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240 Stems
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270 Stems
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360 Stems
( $1.00 per stem )
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