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Wholesale Flowers for Floral Designers
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Spider Mums Anastasia Center Green Flowers

Spider Mums Anastasia Center Green Flowers is a lovely variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection, with thickness and fullness of heads. Their heads fit beautifully in Wedding Bouquets and Wedding Flowers for centerpieces and other floral designs. The unique coloring of the White Spider Mum with green center allows it to be used for other events, such as Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, high school homecomings and proms; and so much more. If you are considering this bloom you might like the way it assembles and arranges with Glitter Green White Rose, Thistle Eryngium Tinted Green Flower, and Twisted Dark Green Aster Solidago. Another great idea is to add these to your Tropical Flowers in arrangements for outdoor events; Birds of Paradise, and King Proteas look very good together. Whatever your event, whether it’s a wedding or other, White Spider Mums with green middle is of premium quality and lowest price.
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