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Blue Red White Spider Mums

White mums are one of the most beautiful looking flowers for all kinds of occasions. They are believed to bring good luck, happiness, and peace across many cultures. The primary colors blue and red are equally a favorite of artists around the world. Introducing these colors in white mums make them a treat for the eyes. The flower market has a voracious appetite for new shades. Blue red patriotic white mums are one such combination that is bred to satisfy this hunger greatly. Their dazzling combination of the most commonly used colors, make blue red patriotic white mums a unique choice of flowers. Be it a wedding, prom or any other social gathering; buy blue red patriotic white mums to mesmerize your loved ones with natural beauty. The sharp aesthetic contrast of colors blue and red on white mums attract the attention of every onlooker. Buy our blue red patriotic white mums today!
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240 Stems
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360 Stems
( $1.17 per stem )
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