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Tie Dye Green Purple White Hydrangea

Tie Dye Green Purple White Hydrangea is a highly favored variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that can bring spring colors to life in Wedding Bouquets and Wedding Flowers. This Hydrangea Flower has been carefully tinted with three, fresh spring colors: green, purple, and white. This variety will look incredible with White Flowers and Purple Flowers. You can assemble the magic of spring with this Hydrangea as it has voluminous tones that many wedding planners look for in filler flower. It is a great supporting flower, as well as focal flower. For creative Centerpiece Ideas, we recommend arranging them with Avalanche White Rose, Ruscus Italian Filler, and Dahlias Purple Flowers; this particular arrangement is also great for prom and homecoming bouquets. Many call and ask us How to Take Care of Hydrangeas and the thing you must always keep in mind they are very heavy drinkers. Please water them continually.
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