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Tie Die Brown Bronze Green Hydrangea

Tie Die Brown Bronze Green Hydrangea is a special variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that can add some warm and earthy tones to your Wedding Flowers and Wedding Bouquets. This particular variety of Hydrangea has three color tones, bronze, brown, and green. It looks perfect with Greenery and Garlands, and also with Cream Garden Roses and White Garden Roses. It's important that you know How To Take Care of Hydrangeas so you can get the longest vase life from them. They need hydrated more frequently because they really drink a lot of water. Some varieties aren't as thirsty, but when you Buy Hydrangeas, you must keep them watered, as a matter of fact, you may want to check them a couple of times a day. Their proper hydration will make their tiny, flowery leaves remain fuller and give you the best performance. It can be both focal flower and filler.
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