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Wholesale Flowers for Floral Designers
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Tie Dye Orange Yellow Green Hydrangea

Tie Dye Orange Yellow Green Hydrangea is a colorful variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that allows you to mix several colors into your Wedding Flowers and Wedding Bouquets. This variety looks incredible when arranged with Orange Flowers, Yellow Flowers, and Green Flowers. If you are planning a large reception, Hydrangea is the perfect choice, because of its affordability and then its ability to work a filler or focal flower. There are many Types of Hydrangeas available at Whole Blossoms, but one thing you need to always consider is their need for water. They drink plenty of it and need lots of hydration. This Hydrangea Flower will match very well with Tulips, Billy Balls, Veronica Flower, Phlox Flowers, and Baby Breath Flowers. You might consider this variety for graduations, church events, birthday parties, anniversaries and more. If you need plenty of bulk for your arrangements, this is your flower!
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