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Fragrant Roses Choco Berry Gift

Fragrant Roses Choco Berry Gift is a cool gift set if you are looking for some exciting Gift Ideas. This gift set is Roses that have been dipped in paraffin wax. They have been decorated with some disco dip pearls or hearts. The vase life for the treated roses is the same as the untreated roses. Once the flower has seen its vase life, the heads can be cut from the stem and will last an additional 2 to 6 weeks longer. Although they have a sensational berry scent, they are not edible. Some roses have sharp pins, so you must take care around small children. Also, it must be noted that the rose buds are not completely covered like wax roses. These are Wholesale Flowers used in a creative way that can be sent out for anniversaries, birthdays, business deals, graduations, new baby, romance and so much more!
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