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Thorn Stripper

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Product SKU: 2189

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Product SKU: 2189
Our Thorn Stripper tool is an essential addition to any florist's toolkit. Crafted with precision, it's an ingenious device that simplifies the task of thorn removal, making floral preparation a breeze. Whether you're working with roses, holly or other thorny stems, our Thorn Stripper removes thorns and leaves swiftly and safely. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable hold, minimizing strain on your hands, while the sturdy construction guarantees durability. This Thorn Stripper tool not only increases productivity by speeding up flower processing, but also enhances safety by protecting your hands from painful pricks and potential injuries. Experience the potent combination of practicality and efficiency with our Thorn Stripper tool, and transform your floral arrangement tasks into an enjoyable, pain-free process. Choose our Thorn Stripper tool for a seamless, efficient, and safer thorn removal experience. This product is not available for delivery in Canada.
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