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Green White Calla Lily Bicolor

Green White Calla Lily Bicolor is an inspiring variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that looks great as Wedding Flowers. Calla Lilies make excellent Wedding Bouquets and can be a great alternative to a White Calla Lily Bouquet if you are wishing to add a bit of green to the mix. When designing your arrangements, it is important to take some time and figure which colors and blooms you want to add together to make your inspiring arrangement. May we suggest arranging this bloom with White Mokara Orchid Christine Flower, White Roses Farm Choice, and Parrot Tulips White Green? They look wonderful together and they can add a white reflection with a subtle hint of green to your wedding dress, which would look wonderful with green grass or trees in the background for wedding photos. You may even wish to add some Silver Dollar Eucalyptus for the final touch.
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