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Feathered Asparagus Fern – Painted Long Topped

Feathered Asparagus Fern - Painted Long Topped is a selection of Asparagus Fern from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is great for Easter Decorations, Easter Flowers, Easter Centerpieces, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Flowers, Christmas Centerpiece, Wedding Decorations, Wedding Flowers, Wedding Centerpiece Ideas, Wedding Bouquets, Anniversary Flowers, Happy Birthday Flowers, Prom Flowers, and more. This Asparagus has a painted, long top that looks good in Floral Arrangements with all the colors of Flowers, including White Flowers, Pink Flowers, Peach Colored Flowers, Hot Pink Flowers, Lavender Purple Flowers, Purple Flowers, Turquoise Flowers, Blue Flowers, Navy Blue Flowers, Light Green Flowers, Green Flowers, Yellow Flowers, Brown Flowers, Chocolate Flowers, Orange Flowers, Red Flowers, Burgundy Flowers, and more. If you plan on making your own Flower Arrangements and need some Centerpiece Ideas, we recommend you consider arranging this variety with some of our other Bulk Flowers, including Lilac, Veronica, Tuberose, Zinnia, Thistle, Stock Flower, Stephanotis, and more.
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