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What Do You Know About Stock?

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Stock 101

Stock - Title

Stocks are strong spikes of thick clusters of beautifully aromatic single or double flowers. Fresh stocks one-third to half of the buds are open; the remaining buds show excellent color and size. Older Stock has the lower third of the blossoms wilted and soft in look. Occasionally these blossoms are stripped and only the middle and tip stay behind. To verify if you are getting a fresh stock you can just count the blossoms. Stock Flower must be 6 or more blossom high.

Stock is helpful as a base for floral arrangements, seeing as the base part of the flower wilts foremost. Start with a base of stock, and then add other flowers around it to hide the bottom blossoms. Stock also appends an exquisite scent to any combination.

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Here are a few things to consider with stock:

Names: Stock, Gillyflower, Matthilola

Colors: Pastel white, apricot, pink and yellow are very common, however dark pink and purple is also available.

Scent: Strong and spicy clove fragrance

Availability: Throughout the year, however summer and spring are peak seasons.

Life: Three to five days

Cost: Reasonably priced

Meaning/Significance: Lasting beauty

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Arranging Tip: Use these pleasantly aromatic flower as base for floral arrangements, so that other blooms would veil the hastily spent bottom flowers, the plump center would make a fine addition to most combinations, their strong cushion look accenting other hefty flowers while performing as a brace to build the arrangement.

Other: Stock have very dense stems, this makes water penetration hard and cuts down the vase life. If the thick, fibrous, white colored base of the lower part of the stem is visible, then cut it away for appropriate conditioning. The fuzz covering the stems can contaminate the water and shorten the vase life. Remember to re-cut the ends and change the water regularly.

Stock - Wedding 1Stock - Wedding


Available varieties of stock:

  • Yellow
  • Cream White
  • Purple
  • Lavender
  • Assorted

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