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4 Steps to Create an Amazing Centerpiece

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Centerpiecing - Title

Long tables need linear arrangements for the center. They could be very constricted and narrow (a few are just 2 feet wide), that means once you have got the place settings on both sides of the table, you get very little room left for decoration. Designing an arrangement for such a long narrow table is perfect because it is has a neat structural design and suits this type of space completely. Making an arrangement for such a long narrow table needs a width of a regular block of floral foam, known as a rackette. It has a plastic base which is just right for tables. For edging the plastic and the foam Equisetum or any other type of reed can be used. Rosemary and Lavender pinned around the foam will work very well; for winter weddings you can even use cinnamon sticks.

The selection of flowers is rather limited than the selection of plant material for the surrounding. For this arrangement to look sculptural; it requires flower heads of a consistent size. If you use roses, make sure that the heads are of same size to build the uniform band of colors. Try dahlias or may be small Germini gerberas flowers both would work very well. Pick vibrant colors—almost any combination works, providing you confirm that each selection of rose has the identical depth of color. (Pastels also look good, with the use of white.)

How to Create a Centerpiece

Step 1 – First you need to soak the block foam in water till the time air bubbles stop rising, now bend the stub wires in two and afterwards cut off the long stems in 3 or 4 lengths, based on the height, in order that the Equisetum is about 1 ¼ inch over the edge of floral foam.

Step 2 – Now pin the Equisetum within the foam, and work throughout the block. Make sure you have pinned the reeds at the same height, because later it can be concealed by a ribbon.

Step 3 – Next, cut a length of ribbon so it fits around all 4 sides, and secure it at the end of the block. Take one more piece of ribbon, and create 3 loops to make a bow at one end.

Step 4 – At last, cut down the rose heads to around 2 inches of stem, this way the heads sit slightly above the edge of Equisetum and there is sufficient stem to get water from the soaked foam. For a successful design, it is significant that the color lines are even. Consider cautiously about the order of the color bands to make a stunning impact. Add roses, and mist them with a water spray.


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