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Sweet Sixteen Flower Decorations

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Sweet Sixteen Flowers

Any girls sweet sixteen is one of best events ever. She shares a special dance with her father, throws a big party for herself and all her friends to enjoy. Traditionally sixteen candles are given during the ceremony however fresh cut flowers also have a special meaning on this special day. You can merge different wholesale colored roses, few white and few red ones.

The first rose is given to the girl’s parents and the second rose is for her god parents, third rose represents her siblings and in case she does not have any siblings, then the third rose is for her grandparents. Roses 4 to 7 are for the all the members of the family. Roses 8 to 14 are for her friends. Rose 15 is for her best friend and lastly the 16th rose is for her boyfriend.

These meaningful flowers can be given on the sweet sixteen celebrations instead of candles. The party room or ballroom that you have chosen for this special day must be decorated with wonderful wholesale flowers that are significant to the birthday girl. The Celebration can be made more beautiful with a pleasant arrangement of white and red gerbera daisies for the Centerpiece you can also add a splash of evergreen. These centerpieces will be adorned on all the sixteen tables used for the event.

At the entrance and all through the ballroom you can beautify with wholesale tulips as these fresh flowers are ideal to use for decoration. Like many other flowers, different colored of tulips hold different meaning. Red tulips symbolize true love, whereas purple ones represent royalty. The yellow tulips have once used to represent hopeless love however now they stand to express cheerful thoughts and sunlight. White tulips articulate worthiness and they also stand for forgiveness.

An attractive decoration for your guests could be is placing loose, wholesale Bombay Dendrobium flowers inside a crystal bottle and putting a thank you for coming card next to it. There’s no reason for you to limit yourself with Bombay Dendrobiums, you can very well use different types of petals like the loose, wholesale freeze dried rose petals, Dyed Bom Blue Dendrobium petals or even mixed rose petals, this would make a memorable gift.

On this special day your sweet sixteen birthday girl must be given a day to remember. Give her an event that she will treasure in her heart forever, and that she can share with her friends and her family.

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