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What Do You Know About Snapdragons?

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Snapdragons 101

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Snapdragons are vertical spiked and tall flowers with growing clusters of silky and velvety blossoms alongside the top of the stem. They are about 2 or 3 feet in height. A fresh snapdragon flower has few open blossoms at the bottom, and a number of growing buds closed on the middle and towards the top. These buds flaunt beautiful colors, and the tips are typically green with firm buds. Snapdragon flowers are rather upright. As compared to the fresh Snapdragons, the older ones have around two-thirds of their blossoms open. Several blossoms at the bottom might be sagging, wilted or really soft to the touch. The tip of the flower may begin to sag even at this stage your Snapdragons can last more than a few days if re-cleaned and cut down a little shorter. The flowers then restore and last for few more days.

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If you tenderly squeeze the side of these flowers, you will get to know how this flower got the name “Snapdragons”. When squeezed the blossoms look a lot like the mouth of a dragon, and when released the bottom lip snaps shut. This is in fact how Snapdragon flower shields its nectar. The pollinator should recognize how to open the bud and get inside. The tips can be cut off to promote the blossoms to open faster, however the closed bloom and green tips give a fascinating color and feel in floral arrangements.

Few facts about Snapdragons:

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Name: Snapdragon and also Antirrhinum

Scent:  Almost none

Colors:  Some have shades of pink, white, apricot, deep red, yellow and burgundy and others have complementary colors on the mouth of the bloom.

Vase Life: Ten days to two weeks

Freshness:  The flower is typically straight and upright. Few of the blossoms remain opened at the base of the blossoms spike, and the others remain in the bud stage and display good color and size.

Cost: Easy on the pocket

Meaning: Belief, Presumption

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Arranging Tip:  chopping the tips off encourages more blossoms to open up sooner, though, the tips do give fascinating texture and color

Growing Tip: An interesting growing tip is to push the stem back towards the base of the plant when your snapdragon is about 2 to 4 inches in height the plant sends up numerous new sprouts in response to the push, this little trick fools the plant and a single snapdragon plant turns into quite a few flowers.

Snapdragons varieties available with us:










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