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What Do You Know About Roses?

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Roses 101

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Roses, have numerous layers of sweet-scented, velvety petals, are the most popular and cherished flowers. There are various varieties and types of roses available for growing purpose and as fresh cut flowers. Few of them types are the conventional tea rose, which are the popular as florist flowers having medium to large well formed blossoms and elongated stems; the traditional types, like the cabbage head rose or the English rose, is more fragile and aromatic than the commercial ones; the miniature roses which are around one inch across; and spray roses, which have of several small branching blossoms for each stem.

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Roses are bulk -produced so you must verify the blossoms carefully before buying. The size and shape of the head signify which blooms would open properly. When a bloom is cut too early, the head turn into bullet shape. Most people misguidedly prefer roses this way, hoping to buy a fresh product that will have a long vase life. The petals are curled inward without any signs of opening. Poor quality roses that are cut prematurely more often than not result in drooping heads. A nice shaped rose head has a few outer petals opening and the twirl of petals in middle is closed. It is fairly firm to touch with the feeling of quite a lot of layers of petals to open.

Older roses are completely open. The middle is out in the open and the outer petals beginning to discolor and turn to brown color. The flower is extremely soft to touch. Also, few roses appear closed or fresh; however they are in fact very soft we suggest that you thoroughly check before purchasing.

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Roses have usually arranged with common fillers and foliage, which nearly hides their natural beauty. Many people take out the outer petals if they are faintly discolored or bruised, which forms an uneven appearance when the blossom opens. Allow the rose to remain in its natural state, let it open naturally. This gives the arrangement a garden look. Choose healthy roses and arrange them without manipulating them this gives a beautiful look.

Few interesting facts about roses:

Names: Rose, Rosa

Varieties: Hundreds of types are available.

Colors: Available in nearly all shades and colors, with the exception of blue. Varieties can also be 2-tone, striped, multicolored etc.

Scent: Usually they have an amazing scent; most cut flowers do not have any scent at all. Many garden roses and old-fashioned varieties have a magnificent fragrance, which ranges from sweet to intense.

Freshness: Cut or purchase when outer petals are beginning to unfold. The middle should be somewhat firm to touch, with a closed twirl of petals.

Vase Life: Five days or longer. Old-fashioned ones have shorter vase lives. Roses are normally used in their full blown stage for occasions like weddings, but their life is limited. You can try spraying the open blossoms with “Crown and Glory,” easily available at local florists. The blooms will look fresh and dewy for a couple of days.

Availability: Throughout the year for teas roses. For old-fashioned garden varieties summer is the season.

Cost: Most varieties—fairly priced to fairly expensive and garden roses—expensive to very expensive.

Meaning: Red means love, pink – happiness, white – silence or innocence, yellow – jealousy.

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Arranging Tip: commonly roses are disfigured to make them perfect to sell as cut flowers, or to use in arrangements, try to maintain the rose in the natural state by leaving the outer petals intact and use natural green leaves as a substitute to foliage. This makes the arrangements more natural.

Growing Tip: With many different types of roses in the market, its best check out the growing techniques of individual varieties. One essential common fact to remember while planting roses is more sun is better for them. Roses are susceptible to mildew. Early morning sun can whisk away the dampness and help in preventing the problem. Accurate pruning is imperative for the bloom production; hence trim away the old wood in springs to let new growth begin for the summer.

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