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4 Easy Steps to Make a Chairback

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Chairbacks - Title

A Chairback is basically a fixed swag of fresh cut flowers generally it also incorporates foliage. They are gorgeous when included in wedding decor, as they give a familiar touch to the ceremony. They are quite easy to create, especially if you use just one style of flowers, like daisies, roses or gerberas.

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Few skills and some practice is needed to decorate a Chairback for the center of a chair, you need to make sure that you get a flat back to display and a exquisite, eminent and elevated diamond shape so that the blooms would look good. The key to success is selecting the right flowers and foliage. Usually it is a good idea to make use of at least 5 types of foliage. You require something to create a flat back, perhaps a branch of, Coontie, aspidistra, Ti Leaf, or a big leaf like Monstera.

Once you add a few textural foliage like poppy seeds heads, hypericum berries, or rose hips, and a little feathery foliage such as grasses, spanish moss, or the branche of flower blossoms in springtime, the display will come across as nothing short of spectacular. Add an assortment of long or pointed flowers like roses, calla lilies and Lisianthus, followed by adding rounder larger headed flowers like open roses, gerbera Germini or dahlias, in addition to few trailing blooms, such as Amaranthus. Now that you have made your choice on the variety of flowers, it is necessary to get rid of any surplus foliage from below the binding point. (This is the spot where you grasp the hand tie when making it and it will become the tie point once completed.) It might help you to place the flowers out in groups prior to you beginning, to make it easy when you make the swag.

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Step 1

To begin with arrange the foliage first, beginning with flat leaves at the backside and adding up more appealing textural foliage on the front, to create a diamond shape. Add some berries to create a little elevation in the swag.

Step 2

Now take the calla lilies, put one on top of the hand tie to create the point of swag. Add in more flowers at different height inside the design; keep alternating from right to left.

Step 3

Insert roses in the same manner, dragging them down to accommodate through the swag. Twist the stem in the binding point, although make an effort to leave them long enough to remain erect and not look squashed. The biggest flowers must be the most visible and should be placed in the most excellent position.

Step 4

Affix the swag on the chair with a binding wire or sturdy wire cord, and then create a 3-looped bow to cover up the binding point.

Chairbacks - 5


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