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Wholesale Garland, Wreaths, Swags, and Candle Rings

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Wholesale Garland, Wreaths, Swags and Candle Rings are mostly used during holiday season, but some people use them for their wedding decorations and floral arrangements. Let’s begin with the Garland. Today, Garlands represent a meaningful way of welcoming the spring, fall and Christmas. The most common greens used for garlands have always been pine, spruce, and cedar trees. Nowadays, garlands include additional greens such as boxwood, laurel, holly, nagi, eucalyptus, ruscus, safari and ivy filled with the smell of nature and dried cones and fruits. You can find online carolina Sapphire, cedar and carolina sapphire, fresh boxwood, leyland cypress, magnolia and leyland, magnolia, magnolia green, nagi, pine and carolina, plumosus, plumosus green Ivy, ruscus, salal eucalyptus evergreen, salal, salal ruscus, and tree fern garland.

Whole Blossoms sells beautiful wreaths. Even though in ancient times wreaths were given and displayed as decorations symbolizing a victory over challengers, now days we use the wreaths to decorate the interior and exterior of our homes.  Wreaths also come in a great variety. Whole Blossoms offers our customers Baby Eucalyptus, Bayleaf and Pepperberry, Bayleaf, Blue Hydrangea, Fir, Green Hydrangea, Leafless Seeded, Magnolia Leaf, Magnolia Seeded Bay, Millet, Privett, Rosemary, Safari, Seeded Eucalyptus, Seeded Safari Peppers, Boxwood, Carolina Sapphire Wholesale, Evergreen Wreath and Cones, Pine Variegated Leyland Cypress, Carolina Mix Fresh Cut, Deluxe Salal, Pine Magnolia, Whole Blossoms Deluxe Mix, Boxwood Mix, Deluxe Leyland, Green Magnolia, Deluxe Boxwood, Whole Blossoms Mixed, Mix Cedar, Florida Pine Christmas, Mix Leyland, and Mix Pine. The wreaths can come in a round shape or they can also come in square. It may come as a surprise but they also have heart and cross shaped wreaths. The heart shaped wreaths can be used for a romantic Christmas Eve in front of the fire. The cross wreaths bring out a more spiritual aspect of Christmas, either other these wholesale decorations are very beautiful to use.

Swags are just as important as the garland and the wreaths. Fresh cut Wholesale Mix Door Swags are an option to use in doorways, windows, and stair rails. The Swags are shipped directly from our farms to add a touch of elegance to any room you place them in. You can add any additional Christmas decorations to the Wholesale Mix Door Swags, but they will look just as beautiful alone. In addition to being creative with your swags you are welcoming your friends, family and guests to a joyful environment.

Finally Whole Blossoms offers our clients with candle rings that will look great in your party decorations, living room, or as center pieces. Boxwood Candle Rings are an elegant and they welcome Christmas and to get your friends, family and guests in the holiday spirit. The fresh Carolina Candle Ring is a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations. Evergreen Candle Rings are perfect for housewarming purposes and adding joy to the holiday festivities. Last but not least are the fresh cut Magnolia Mix Candle Rings, these candle rings are an eternal part of the Christmas season.

Wholesale Garland, Wreaths, Swags and Candle Rings will be great together, but if you decide to use them individually they will also look fantastic. Whole Blossoms urges you to enjoy the time that you spend together with your family preparing all of your Christmas decorations. Cherish the laughter and happiness that you see in your parents, children, or any family member while decorating with your floral arrangements.

From our family at Whole Blossoms to your family we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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