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A flower that is known worldwide is the rose. Many people think that a rose is just a rose. But I am going to write to you about the different types of roses there are that can be used for wedding decorations, flower arrangements, office parties, Christmas and any holiday.

Red Roses have always being favorite flowers to express love, romance and passion. Red roses are favorite wedding flowers during the fall and winter. Red roses are also favorite wholesale flowers for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Red wholesale roses have several red shades within the spectrum of color schemes and different shapes and opening cut points. Some of these varieties are the typical red rose that comes from Colombia and Ecuador, freedom, charlotte, opium, red success, cherry love, love story, prestige red, night fever, forever young, black magic, black beauty, and the black baccarat rose.

The White rose also has different shades. There is the white wholesale wedding rose that is used for bride bouquets, and floral arrangements you may use during the wedding that uses white roses. The white roses that I have seen most mentioned are the Anastasia, Polar Star, Akito, Quicksand, Virginia, Creamy Pink Stephanie, Sweetnesse Rose, Alex Rose Creamy Pink, Creme de la Creme, and the Vendela.

Garden Roses come in many different colors and sizes and for some varieties, accompanied by a sweet, fragrant perfume. Please note that while beautiful and elegant, Garden Roses in general maintain a relatively short vase life of up to 5 days provided proper care and handling is administered. Off White Garden Rose with Green Eye Flower, Cream Garden Rose Flower Classic Woman Piaget, David Austin Patience, Cream Turtle Garden Rose with Yellow Cast, David Austin Juliet Peach, Caramel Antique Garden Rose Cream Peach Butterscotch Flower, Salmanazar Pink Peach Peony, Sweet Elegance Green Pink Tea, David Austin Miranda, Baronesse Samarcanda Red, Yellow Garden Rose with Green
Eye Flower, and the Green Garden Rose Flower are just a few of the garden roses.

There are also roses that are known as spray roses. Spray Rose flowers are offered in many different colors and lengths to meet all needs and tastes. Spray roses are pretty and feminine wholesale flowers for special events or everyday indulgence. The spray rose can have 3 to 5 blooms per stem. For individuals requiring slightly longer stems and
larger heads, be sure to consider the 50cm spray rose length. Spray roses are popular flowers for both wedding cakes and hair combs where a smaller sized head is perfect for creating elegant touches. Some of these are the white,
crème, yellow, green with yellow cast, pink, majolika, ilse, purple, hot pink, orange, and red.

If you are looking for long stem roses, the best are the wholesale long stem red roses that come in a 24 inch, or 60cm length. Wholesale long stem roses are one of the most popular flowers used for weddings, events and every day occasions. Roses are a great choice for wedding flowers. They can be used in boutonnieres, corsages, bride bouquets, cake decorations, church arrangements and centerpieces. These long stem roses have larger heads. They are toxin-free flowers, and they have significantly stronger stems and resistance to disease. The increased brightness is special in the red varieties, since there is no “darkening”. During winter these roses are high resistance to harsh weather conditions, such as frost, and they have longer vase life.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the roses come any many varieties. Roses can be used for wedding decorations, floral arrangements, holidays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, or even office parties.

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