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What Do You Know About Phlox?

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Phlox 101

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Phlox are huge bunches of pleasantly scented, disk shaped flowers on top of branching stems. Fresh phlox’s must be cut or bought when two-thirds of their florets are open and the closed buds demonstrate good color and size, the ones that are cut before time, in the tight bud phase, may not develop. Old phlox have all the blossoms opened and several are already dropped. Older phlox would shed once handled. Phlox, with large clusters of sweet-smelling flowers, are a good addition to arrangements of big jazzy flowers, like peonies or roses.

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Gardeners always enjoy phlox because they are easy to grow, the colors are magnificent and the scent is charismatic.  One important piece of information when it comes to Phlox is that you need to give them plenty of room, wherever the weather is hot and humid Phlox require air circulation around them as it helps in keeping powdery mold to a minimum. The recommended spacing is generally eighteen to twenty-four inches.

Few facts about Phlox Flowers :

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Name: Phlox

Variety: Phlox Paniculata, Garden phlox.

Scent: Mild sweet scent.

Color: Shades of pink, white, purple, orange and red. The center may have a contrast color.

Freshness: Best to buy them cut them when two-third of the blossom is opened on top of the cluster, with the rest of the buds in good color and size.

Vase Life: Roughly ten days or more.

Cost: Reasonably priced

Availability: Summer

Meaning: Harmony, agreement

Arranging Tip: As they are a big bunch of blossoms, phlox could be the core glitzy element in any floral arrangement, or an addition for other large showy flowers

Phlox - Wedding 1Phlox - Wedding Flowers

Growing Tip: Phlox are very effortless to grow, although be certain to eliminate the depleted flower heads, as the dispersion of seeds can create unwanted plants and may perhaps crowd out the core flower. Phlox can also create a center of attention for butterflies in the garden.

Phlox varieties available with us:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Lavender
  • Assorted

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