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Trends for 2018 Bouquets!

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Bridals bouquets are a beautiful addition to any of wedding style you decide to go for, each of them we find a bridal bouquet, now can you imagine a bride without a bouquet? The truth is that a bride without a floral arrangement between hands would be very awkward. Even if you have a favorite flower and you always wanted your bridal bouquet to be made with it, we bought a few that you might like so you can choose which one is the most suitable for your dress and your wedding theme.

The asymmetric is one of the newest styles and is mixed with flowers like roses or orchids along with other natural elements such as ivy branches. It may seem like a much-elaborated bouquet, however, it’s nothing like that. Everything is well thought out to give that very fluffy touch, it occupies more space than the bouquet since the branches tend to move to the rhythm of the bride and it is a perfect for the romantic bridal style.

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The wild branch is another of the most outstanding trends. It is made with dried flowers or others such as daisies or lilacs, they are mixed with olive branches, eucalyptus, fern leaves etc. This type of bouquet seems fresh from the forest and is ideal for boho chic wedding dresses and rustic style weddings.

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The bouquet of flowers never goes out of style. Its form is a traditional bouquet made of roses, carnations or peonies. It is defined and compact and is perfect for vintage, princess and romantic wedding dresses. As for long-stemmed bouquets, they were fashionable a few seasons ago, even after that a lot off brides still use them since they are really beautiful, this kind of bouquets are usually made of sunflowers, tulips or lilies.

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The Cascade bouquet is always spectacular and although it has been used for years. It does not fail to go unnoticed by any bride. It is usually a large bouquet, for this, the florist usually use roses of different types in the central zone mixed with other flowers that give the shape of a waterfall. This type of bouquets combines very well with dresses of large volumes and it is more advisable high brides.

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There are many bouquets you can choose from however these were the main ones and there is thousand type of flowers and colors so you have where to choose from, no matter what type of bouquet as long as you are happy with it everything else will turn out well.

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