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Décor Your Wedding with Seeded Eucalyptus

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A wedding is an occasion that is as promising as any of the seasons that a year witnesses. Throughout the globe, many couples tie the knot to promise perpetuity to each other. It is thus apparent how much value and expectations a wedding demands. It is only fair that an occasion, as unique as this one, bears the most beautiful of décors and preparations. All over the world, couples strive to achieve that aesthetic value by using various measures and plans. For some, a fancy destination wedding is the way to go. However, there are majority of others who turn to a somewhat traditional method- Nature.

It’s a widespread fact that natural means, in essence, flora is used extensively in wedding décor all over the world. Wedding planners seldom forget to list flowers on the wedding list, for it would be unacceptable to do so. There are vast floral options available from throughout the world.
Every wedding has the opportunity to bestow the ceremony with sheer natural elegance and beauty. However, while flowers tend to steal the show, their somewhat underrated counterparts might just go unnoticed. The foliage and greenery that accompany the subtle blooms are significant contributors in the overall scenic display. Various climbers and tendrils, over the years, have played the underrated role of cheap greenery for weddings. The greenery, of course, is as vital as the blossoming flowers. The contrast and depth that the greenery provides to the bloom are what makes the décors so gorgeous. There are many tantalizing options of green fillers for flower arrangements. However, there is one that always makes the cut- seeded eucalyptus.

Fresh Seeded Eucalyptus
Seeded eucalyptus is a famed member of the flora family. The seeded eucalyptus is a diverse and unique flowering shrub that is used in weddings extensively. The green shrub is widely used as green filler in flower arrangements because of its attractive yet gullible stems. The plant is used in wedding garlands or bouquets and even corsages. Seeded eucalyptus offers a considerable amount of texture to wedding decorations and ameliorates the aesthetic stature. Due to its manipulative structure and gorgeous looks, the seeded eucalyptus is used in different types of decors-

Aisle Decoration: The bloomless seeded eucalyptus is very subtle. It is also a budget-friendly element that wedding decorators use extensively. One of the upcoming ways of using the vaunted green fillers is to decorate the aisle. The aisle can be laced with seeded eucalyptus trails on the sides. The aisle can be primarily blooming with white roses or lilies. The green texture of the seeded eucalyptus will make the aisle a memorable path to walk on. The tiny white seeds of the eucalyptus will further compliment the white flower arrangement. The color and contrast mixture can certainly playoff in spades if executed properly.

Arch Decoration: A versatile way of setting a beautiful and bold statement at a wedding is through a green arch interspersed with colorful or white blossoms. Therefore, it’s not surprising that seeded eucalyptus is the preferred option when it comes to wedding arches. The entrance of the wedding or the onset of the aisle can be graced by a subtle curvy hanging arch. The arch would be made of twisting and turning stems and the beautiful sage green leaves of the eucalyptus. The sage green color will emanate cordiality while the interspersed blooms will lift spirits. Take a few steps back, and one would be looking at an overall scenic piece of décor.

Table Decoration: Another smart and beautiful way of using the seeded eucalyptus shrubs is on the wedding table arrangement. The themed table setting of a white tablecloth and bronze candle holders can be made impeccable with a little greenery. The shrub can be laid over to one side of the table and be allowed to cascade down. The lush green shrub arrangement can be made better with the addition of a few dark roses in the mix. The arrangement will make the dining area chic and more befitting to the wedding theme. Adding to the elegant looks, the arrangement will also lace the dinner with a sweet aroma.

Where to Buy Seeded Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Chandeliers: Does the wedding seem to be lack a certain vibe of royalty and style? Then the solution is a unique seeded eucalyptus chandelier. A hanging structure can be lushly overwhelmed with a bed of eucalyptus. The leaves and stems can be allowed to hang low and cascade a wave of beauty. The lush green chandelier can be accompanied by a plethora of white roses poking out randomly. This arrangement can be allowed to dangle over the altar while the couple takes their vows. This is a perfect option of cheap greenery for weddings.

Centerpiece: Another great use of the green filler for flower arrangement is at the wedding centerpiece. The seeded eucalyptus shrubs can be used as a versatile centerpiece along with a few floating candles and some voluptuous white blooms. The blooms can be surrounded by an illuminating arrangement of floating candles which will reflect upon the beautiful white petals. To add some empowering texture, the shrubs can be used as a round border arrangement, encircling the whole piece. The final sight would be one to savor. The mixing contrast and light play of the bloom and candlelight and a deepened texture provided by the seeded eucalyptus.

Bouquets: Common yet safe options to add a sense of hospitality to the occasion are a set of white or light pink bouquets. Laced with a border of eucalyptus they would offer complete contrast. This makes it a fantastic décor element.

These are a set of ideas that won’t go wrong and make your special day an even more memorable one. To find the best quality of seeded eucalyptus, call us at Whole Blossoms. We offer a wide range of eucalyptus shrubs with custom leaf and stem cut lengths. We also provide a diligent doorstep delivery and friendly customer service. With these ideas, the eucalyptus shrubs will serve as more than just fillers and cheap greenery for weddings.

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