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Making Blue Orchid Centerpieces

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Flowers are the essence to any wedding décor. It is now a known convention – not to forget, a dazzling one too – to use the extensive variety of flowers in decors. The occasion could vary from homecoming to a wedding to even a minor get together. But the one thing that remains constant is the use of flowers. Bouquets, garlands, floor setups, centerpieces, and many other viable options are possible to pull off using the blooming natural beauties. Under the massive ranged umbrella of Flora, Blue Orchids have to be mentioned when the topic of discussion is decors. Blue orchid is one of the most prominent flowers that bloom ironically in autumn. With its bold blue shaded petals and equally contrasting green leaves, the flower as a whole is just alluring to look at. Thus, it’s omnipresence in the decoration business is hardly a surprise. The orchid flower, also known as the Autumn Lady’s Tresses has established a reputation of being a visual charmer at all the occasions alike.

The Season Of Love and Weddings

The season of autumn usually brings with itself a wave of weddings and the numbers have only increased over the years. The brides and grooms, obviously, wish to make their union as ceremonious as possible. And thus, they tend to pick the most aesthetic of choices, and blue orchid hardly misses the list. Wholesale flowers are bought in massive stocks to be used extensively in the wedding decorations, and they never disappoint. Blue Orchid is always a prioritized option because of its bright, vivid colors and natural, long-lasting tendency. The way, decorators usually go about the orchid flower is to arrange them pleasingly as a bouquet or make full use of the beauty and use it as a standalone centerpiece. The blue orchid bouquets usually seem to undermine the full potential of the charming flower. However, the bright blue petals towering over fresh green foliage is not a sore sight too.

The Beauty Of Blue Orchids

However, if the execution is planned to be as a centerpiece, the avenues are countless. Blue Orchid is the only occurring species of orchids which are naturally blue in color. This feature thus demands to be fully capitalized on. The attractive tint of the flower can cheer up the whole venue with its unmistakable beauty. Adding to the visual charm is also the alluring fragrance emanating from the flowers. As a centerpiece, the blue orchid can be used in plural ways.

Blue Orchids for Sale

Use Blue Orchids In Centerpieces
To start in a basic way, the centerpiece could consist of multiple sized transparent vases. Filled with crystal clear water, the vases will hold within them fresh orchid flowers. The multiple shapes and sizes of the vases will provide a unique structure to the piece. The water will make them look fresher and tantalizing. And of course, the flowers itself will amplify the aesthetics with the splurge of a cheerful shade. To make it look even perkier, certain other elements could also be added. White or light gray pebbles inside the vases could offer some appealing contrast and make the piece for savory.

Various Ways To Use Blue Orchids Around The Centerpieces

Another trendy and fresh method involves the use of blue orchid flowers and candles. The final outcome is versatile as a centerpiece and sets a bar for many other willful centerpieces. The centerpiece referred here requires a few cylindrical glass vases, floating mini candles and a plethora of fresh, vivid blue orchid petals. The cylindrical cases could be set up in abstract formations. The vases are then stuffed gently with the petals, and finally, water is poured into it. The vases give out a beautiful view of petals compacted and floating in the water like a dash of watercolors on a blank canvas. The cherry on top would be the lit mini candles, floating on the surface. The beaming light reflecting inside the vase make the petals look even more scenic. This method is impeccable for décor use. The set up could be made even more diverse with the use of contrasting flowers. The white lilies or even the hydrangeas would look exquisite when paired with the orchid flower.
Another great way to use the lively blooms is with the wedding cake. The vanilla iced wedding cake could be traced with a beautifully structured blue orchid climber. The flowers could be made to circle the cake and offer aesthetic contrast with the blue and white combination.

blue purple orchid

Add Blue Orchids In Your Wedding Decor

What seems clear is that the use of blue orchid will not only make the occasion aesthetic but also sheerly memorable. And that’s something every special occasion deserves to be. All that is left to be done is to decide which centerpiece suits your occasion.

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