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Advantages of Pre-Ordering Flowers

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Whenever we think of that special event or occasion, we want everything to go out as perfect as possible, we don’t want any small detail no to go out in the way we are expecting.
For that reason and many others, I’m here to explain everybody that reads this why they should order their flowers with as many days in advance as possible.

There are many reasons why you need flowers for, some of those reasons are because you are getting married, you have that special event at your company or you just need nice arrangements of flowers for that special someone. The day of your wedding is one of the most important days in your life if that the most important one, you need all flowers to be there on time and as fresh as possible. Now there are ways you can actually order flowers from and is either from a florist or a wholesaler directly.
Many people decide to go for the florist option just to make sure you delegate this part of your event to someone so you can focus on the rest, you tell him/her what flowers you want and how you want them and the florist will be in charge, they might call you if something comes up. Usually, with florists, they advise ordering the flowers for your event at least 6 months in advance to make sure they have everything on time. Now the real reason why they need that time frame it’s basically so they can order from companies like us which are basically wholesalers, they start making the arrangements 3 days before the event date.

Now the option we always advise to anyone that ask for advises for their event is to order from wholesaler companies like us, there are many advantages of this decision, you get a cheaper price, you get fresh flowers directly from the growers, ordering from a wholesaler can also give you the option from home just by ordering online, you will be able to see pictures of the flowers you want, explore a little bit more about what you are needing without leaving your home. Wholesalers advise their customer to order from them/us at least 2-3 weeks in advance to make sure we have them available.

In general speaking just to be safe and have everything under control either you order from a wholesaler or your local florist is to be clear about what you need and want for that special day, the more time you give your florist or wholesaler it is always going to be a good decision, you never know if you change your mind about what you want and need and providing that information in advance will save a lot of stress.

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