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Creating the Perfect Sweetheart Table for the Bride and Groom

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When you forgo the big, long table that has traditionally served as seating for the bride, groom, and entire bridal party and instead have just one small table for you and your groom alone, this is called the “sweetheart table.” This seating arrangement has become a trend for several reasons: A small round table for two is easily set up right at the front of the dance floor, and room for a schematic-busting long table for sixteen people is no longer needed. What’s more, a sweetheart table gives the bride and groom a few minutes alone to eat in peace and share some undisturbed conversation time. When the bride and groom are seated at their table, guests don’t usually approach.

This means you have a spotlight table all to yourselves, and it invites your choice of special floral décor. After all, your table at the front of the dance floor is in full view of all of your guests. Often, the wedding cake is placed right next to or behind it, which means lots of pictures will capture the beauty of your table décor.

Below are some ideas for either using the same centerpiece design you’re using at each guest table or for doing something a little different and to set your table apart.

The sweetheart table is functional as well as fashionable. Your guests must be able to see you, and must be able to see what’s going on in the room. It’s silly to hide behind a gigantic table centerpiece when you’re the only ones at the table. So think low set and design floral accents for the front of your table, since that is in guests’ eye line as well.

Low-Set Centerpieces

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–          Design a smaller version of the guest table centerpieces, such as four low-set roses instead of twelve.

–          Set out three to four small glass vases in a row across the front edge of the table and fill them with single flowers, such as gardenias, peonies, roses, ranunculus, or other wide blooms.

–          Use small, round vases, fill them with water, and set a single floating flower in each.

–          Add some sparkle to low set centerpieces by adding crystal-studded wire stick-ins or theme adornments.

Your Bouquet

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–          Save over $100 by simply placing your bridal bouquet front and center on the table as your centerpiece.

–          Using your own bouquet on the sweetheart table can set your tabletop décor apart from guest tables’ pastel or bright décor.

–          Lay the centerpiece flat on the table for a natural look; with a ribbon-wrapped handle, you won’t be able to stand it upright in a vase full of water.

All the Bouquets

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–          Give your bridesmaids a place to put their bouquets by having them set them in a line on top of your sweetheart table.

–          Six to eight bouquets usually form a complete, uninterrupted line across most sweetheart tables.

–          Flower girls’ and moms’ nosegays can be placed at both ends of your bouquet lineup centerpiece for the perfect height and color blend.

–          If you have a small table, set your bouquet on top and surround it with a bridesmaid bouquet on each side

Color Schemes

–          You can match your sweetheart table florals to your bouquet colors.

–          If you chose to carry a colored bouquet, and have color in your guest table centerpieces, choose all-white florals for this table.

–          If you have an all-pastel color scheme, set your table apart by using florals a few shades brighter than the centerpiece and décor flowers.

–          Use all-white table florals, plus your monogram spelled out in pastel or bright flowers on the front of your table.

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