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Choosing a Monochromatic Bridal Bouquet

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Monochromatic Bouquet Header

A monochromatic flower depends on the uniformity of the blooms in the piece, and special care needs to be taken—especially with round bouquets—to evenly space the flowers when the bridal bouquet is packed with fresh cut roses, for instance. With a singular color scheme, there’s no room for error, and balanced is achieved with perfect choices in matching hues, flower size, and spacing.

Texture is achieved with greenery and filler, and some flowers with ruffled edges may provide the entire accent needed in a bouquet of this design.

Monochromatic bouquets are ideal for both formal and informal weddings, both indoor and outdoor, and the personalization comes in the color chosen for this floral spotlight.

Many different flowers are ideal for the monochromatic bouquet, including roses, ranunculus, gardenias, and stephanotis on the formal end, and Gerber daisies, tulips, hydrangeas, and peonies on the lighter, less-formal end.

Monochromatic Bouquet Story

Single-color bouquets may be white, pastel, or bright. Red and pink are the top choices after classic bridal white and bright orange and cranberry top the list for fall weddings. In spring, lavender and light orange are the front-runners. For destination or beach weddings, bright carols lead the way.

Monochromatic bouquets often need a greater number of flowers, as the uniformity of hue doesn’t give the depth and illusion of lushness, afforded by a bouquet of multicolored blooms. So expect to order up to two dozen more flowers to pack your bouquet well.

The colors don’t have to match exactly. Mixing shades that are close, such as red and cranberry, still creates a monochromatic look.

Monochromatic White Bouquets

monochromatic White Bouquet

–          For a small bouquet, two dozen fresh cut white flowers are ideal. In a smaller-size bouquet, a single type of flower, such as garden roses, is ideal.

–          For a medium-size bouquet, choose three dozen white flowers.

–          A medium to large monochromatic bouquet has room for multiple varieties of flowers such as roses, callas, lilies, gardenias, and stephanotis.

–          Add a touch of color to an all-white bouquet with a pastel of bright ribbon. This adds a pretty color contrast in person and in photos.

Monochromatic Pink Bouquets

Monochromatic Pink Bouquet

–          For a formal bouquet, choose several dozen fresh cut pink roses in a tightly clustered gathering of identical blooms.

–          For an informal bouquet, consider a hand-wrapped bunch of pink tulips or an array along with wildflowers.

–          Another informal monochromatic bouquet is one made with a dozen hot pink Gerber daisies or bright pink ranunculus.

–          Even if shades of pink range from pale to brighter, this still counts as a monochromatic bouquet.

Monochromatic Red Bouquets

Monochromatic Red Bouquet

–          With vivid red shades, just a dozen blooms are sufficient to make a visual impact.

–          Choose you shade of red based on the season. Brights are perfect for summer, and crimsons or burgundies are perfect for fall and winter.

–          Your skin tone determines the tone of red that works for you. Paler brides are complimented by lipstick red, and darker or olive-skinned brides carry cranberry red best.

–          Add dimension with smaller and larger red flowers.

Monochromatic Purple Bouquets

Monochromatic Purple Bouquet

–          Pale lilac bouquets are ideal for spring and summer.

–          Darker jewel-toned purple bouquets come to us from the hot colors of fashion runways. So when vogue says purple is in, it’s also in for weddings.

–          Paler lilac bouquets benefit from the placement of a contrast color, such as tiny darker purple flowers or tiny white flowers.

–          In larger monochromatic purple bouquets, add dimension with subtle color contrasts of ruffled edge flowers for texture, petals with a thin petal edge hue.

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