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First Time At The Farm

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These are few observations I noted in my journal during my visit to a flower farm in Colombia

Flower Farm Rose 2


Most people have no idea how magnificent it is to watch and understand how flowers get prepared for wholesale. Last June I took a trip to Colombia to look at some of the farms that grow Wholesale Flowers for Whole Blossoms. I had some beforehand idea, however until I saw it with my own eyes I couldn’t completely appreciate the approach in which our flowers are prepared and packed for delivery.

My very first observation was the enormous collection of splendor and color, utterly enchanting to watch. There were so many varieties; the sight was pleasurable to each one of my senses, as one can picture. I felt a bit unfamiliar since I am not proficient in Spanish; nonetheless, the people were very welcoming and seemed to take pleasure in their working atmosphere.

If you have wondered how flowers reach your doorstep from the grower it’s essential for you to identify with the packing process. I got to observe how the warehouses range from freezer cold to refrigerator cold. It was noted that co2 was injected in the packaged flowers. This permits the flower blossoms to stay preserved during shipment and delivery.

Flower Farm Rose

It was rather remarkable to observe their method of packaging the flowers. I watched with interest as they rolled up the flower bunches in 2 layers of 12. Few customers are anxious they didn’t receive their complete order; however, by fully opening the roll they can easily find out they are all there.

It was an enthralling trip and it educated me more about flowers than I had ever thought before. The garden roses were remarkably marvelous. They had a central display area for the range of roses they grew. I spent more than two hours just photographing and studying everyone. This particular green one was my favorite.

I am proud to be a part of Whole Blossoms, to be a part of a business that sends nature’s beauty to people all over USA and Canada.

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