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Top 10 New Flowers At Whole Blossoms – Part #2

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This is the conclusion of our two part series and will probably have to update this from time to time, as we are continually adding to our catalog, we already have over 14,000 varieties and want to be noted as a company that offers way more options than anyone else in the market. If there is ever a variety, you are looking for, give us a call and let us know, we want you happy as you put together your favorite Centerpiece Ideas and Floral Bouquet arrangements. This summer still has one more month of warm weather, so it’s not too late to place your order for September Wedding Flowers.

Here we go:

5. Asclepias

Asclepias Flower is a beautiful Flower that is also known as Milkweed and is certainly a well beloved flower. If you are looking for something similar for Lily of the Valley, but a little less expensive, this is the perfect alternative. We have a few different options, including

  • White Asclepias
  • Pink Asclepias
  • Asclepias Orange

6. Asparagus

Asparagus Fern is an excellent filler for Flower Arrangements and is becoming more and more popular for weddings and special events. It has a bushy, foxtail appearance that looks great as a filler or on their own. We have a big inventory of options, such as

  • Asparagus – Painted White
  • Feathered Asparagus Fern – Painted White Long Topped
  • Asparagus – Painted Silver
  • Asparagus Tree Fern – Champagne Painted Long Topped
  • Feathered Asparagus Fern – Caramel Painted Long Topped
  • Asparagus Fern – Painted Gold
  • Asparagus Plumosus – Feathers Painted Peach
  • Asparagus Fern Painted Copper
  • Feathered Asparagus Fern – Painted Lime Green Long Topped
  • Feathered Fern – Painted Rose Gold
  • Feathered Asparagus Fern – Painted Light Pink Long Topped
  • Feathered Asparagus Fern – Painted Dark Pink Long Topped
  • Feathered Asparagus Fern – Painted Apple Green Long Topped
  • Asparagus Cwebe
  • Asparagus Falcatus
  • Asparagus Mix
  • Myers Asparagus Fern
  • Asparagus Fern – Setaceus Extra Feathers
  • Asparagus Sprengeri
  • Asparagus Umbellatus
  • Asparagus Plumosus – Feathers Painted Apple Green

We also have several other options available.

7. Feverfew

Feverfew Flower is a Button Pom Daisy that is also a spray. It really looks amazing in Floral Arrangements. This variety looks great in the Autumn with other White Flowers.

  • Feverfew White Button Pom Daisy – Yellow Center

8. Godetia

Godetia Flower is another great option if you are looking for a Bloom that looks well with other ruffled Flowers, such as Carnation Flowers. A Carnation and Godetia wedding can be just the right inspiration you are looking for. We have some great colors for your consideration

  • Godetia Flower – White
  • Godetia Flower – Pink
  • Godetia Flower – Hot Pink
  • Godetia Flower – Orange
  • Godetia Flower – Assorted

9. Gomphrena

Gomphrena Flower is a special flower with whimsical globe like blooms that can be easily placed in any kind of arrangement. It really looks good with Dianthus, Lisianthus, and Spray Roses.

“These unique flowers are a very interesting addition to any arrangement. Gomphrena have globular blooms about the size of a quarter that grow in summer and early fall. They come in white, yellow, pink and purple and can be used in various ways for weddings”

Sisters Floral Design Studio

We have nice choices

  • White Gomphrena Dried
  • Pink Gomphrena Dried
  • Gomphrena – Hot Pink Flowers Dried
  • Purple Gomphrena
  • Orange Gomphrena Dried
  • Red Gomphrena

10. Tweedia

Tweedia Flower is a great option. Brides Magazine says, “Anyone wishing for something blue in their bouquet should check out this pretty bloom known for its blue star-shaped flowers and greenish-gray felted leaves. It makes a statement amongst other subtle florals and symbolizes peace and harmony.”

This is our most recent addition and is already a hit! We have

  • Tweedia Flower – White
  • Tweedia Flower – Light Blue
  • Tweedia Flower – Assorted Blue White

All of these latest additions are great for several reasons, for one, you can’t find them anywhere else. We have farms exclusively for Whole Blossoms and work hard to give you diversity as well as quality. Another reason is their affordability. With higher prices everywhere, it is helpful to save when you can and not lose your classy look. These Flowers are full of class. Finally, they are the perfect selection for Fall Wedding Flowers and for the fall wedding season that is coming up quickly. In our next blog we will talk about some fall wedding inspiration.

Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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