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Top 10 New Flowers At Whole Blossoms – Part #1

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I would like to take time to mention that we have been adding thousands of new varieties to our catalog and will be continually adding new products daily. You may or may not have been noticing all our new products, so I thought I could take some time to reveal what we have been up to. Wedding Season has been in full swing and still plenty of time for Summer Wedding Flowers. However, Fall is expected to be one of the most popular times in recent years for a wedding. It’s all about options, when creating your shortlist of Flowers, and that is one of the things we can promise you, besides quality and great prices.

Here is our list and may have to extend this over a couple of blogs, but we will see how far we can get today.

1. Poppy

Poppy Flower is a great addition to your Floral Arrangements because of their unique delicate, daisy like shapes. It has been said that they are “new school” when it comes to Flower Arrangements for weddings. Brides Magazine says, “when it comes to wedding flowers, poppies have long been hailed as one of our favorites. Regardless of size, their naturally playful shape makes them both versatile (you can incorporate them in a floral design for almost any style) and unexpected. From the modern bride to the traditional, the statement-making bloom pulls out all the stops, with very little effort.” Loverly explains why you should love them with your wedding,” Poppies are vibrant and fun! Their full petals and wiry stems make them easy to work with, and they will add a lush look to your bouquet or centerpieces. We love the idea of pairing poppies with tiny white daises and colorful Ranunculus.”

We will be adding more and more, so check with us if you can’t find the color you are looking for. We have:

  • Poppy Flower – Yellow
  • Poppy Flower – Orange
  • Poppy Flower – Assorted

2. Bougainvillea

This Bougainvillea Flower is quickly becoming one of our better sellers and we offer it as Dried Flowers as well. I love the papery looking leaves and pastel colors. Brides and event planners comment all the time on how well they worked in their Arrangements. Martha Stewart raves about this Flower and has several ways to make them in every part of your wedding. Martha says, “Known for its vibrant hue, bougainvillea is an ideal choice for any couple who wants to add a pop of pink-red color to their party. Use it to brighten up a muted arrangement of classic blooms like roses or include a sprig of it on your neutral table setting for a bit of visual interest. Whether it’s on your ceremony aisle or in your bouquet, there’s no wrong way to utilize this bud.”

Our wonderful varieties will amaze you!

  • White Bougainvillea – Dried
  • Peach Bougainvillea – Dried
  • Pink Bougainvillea Dried
  • Lavender Bougainvillea Dried
  • Purple Bougainvillea Dried
  • Hot Pink Bougainvillea Dried
  • Green Bougainvillea Dried
  • Yellow Bougainvillea Dried
  • Red Bougainvillea Dried

3. Acroclinium

Acroclinium Flowers is another great flower and comes in sprays that fill our Wedding Bouquets rather nicely. It is a greatly appreciated Bloom that give you the feeling of a countryside. It is also an inexpensive variety that can help you as Filler Flowers and works great with all budgets.

We have a lovely selection, such as

  • Dried Acroclinium – White Flowers
  • Acroclinium – Pink Flowers Dried
  • Dried Acroclinium – White Pink Mix

4. Bouvardia

Bouvardia Flower is another recent addition with Alstroemeria type petals that adds a touch of sophistication and election to your wedding décor. Someone once said, “Colorful, exciting, and beautiful – these are the three most common adjectives used to describe bouvardia flowers. Often used in decorating events, these flowers have become common scene in wedding decorations as well. If you are looking to create beautiful scenes at your wedding event, then you need to buy these flowers online and let them spread the magic.”

You can’t Go with this flower variety. We have several color options, such as

  • White Bouvardia Flower
  • Pink Bouvardia Light Tone
  • Pink Bouvardia
  • Bouvardia Red
  • Bouvardia Assorted

If you take time to discover these options, you will see that they are great for the upcoming fall wedding season and can help you design some incredible Centerpieces and Flower Bouquet ideas.

Next blog we will conclude our top 10 new additions and hopefully you can check them out and click on the links provided.

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