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What Do You Know About Hydrangeas?

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Hydrangeas 101

Hydrangeas - Title

A hydrangea is a flowering shrub consisting of hefty, lush cluster of numerous blossoms. The 3 most common varieties are

  • The huge, full headed type, called the mop head it is the most famous one
  • The disk shaped hydrangea with loose, elegant clusters of flowers mostly consisting of tiny closed buds, called the lace cap
  • The cream colored hydrangea, it is the cone-shaped variety with full blossoms that elongate it’s called panicle hydrangea.

The majority of the flowers in a fresh hydrangea flower are open in the cluster, with the exception of the lace cap type. The flower is robust and stiff to the touch. Aged hydrangeas have some of the blossoms on the cluster wilted; the overall flower feels soft to the touch. Hydrangeas benefit from added conditioning, wrap cold, wet cloths on the top of the flowers once they are cut.

Hydrangeas - 2

Few facts about hydrangeas:

Name: Hydrangeas

Variety: Hydrangea Macrophylla, this one has the lace cap and mop heads varieties, and Hydrangea Paniculata, the cone-shaped type is developed from this one (It is sometimes also called as P.G. hydrangea or PeeGee from paniculata grandiflora)

Colors: Light to deep shades of pink, purple, green, white and few shades of burgundy. Few varieties produce 2-tone colors.

Scent: None

Freshness: A good number of the blossoms are open and firm to touch.

Availability: Summer to early fall.

Vase Life: 5 to 7 days or even longer, if conditioned appropriately.

Cost: Reasonably expensive.

Meaning: Determination, Perseverance.

Hydrangeas - 1

Arranging Tip: These large blooms are brilliant for making a colorful foundation for floral arrangements, the flowers act as a large cushion, holding the other flowers in position as you create your arrangement. Hydrangeas cut in the fall or late summer may dry naturally, holding their shape and color.

Other: Hydrangeas tend to wither when cut. They require particular conditioning and care for extended vase life. Put the ends of the stems in boiling water; be cautious to shield the blossom from the steam. Put the boiled end, roughly around an inch, in powdered alum (easily available at any grocery store). Lightly tap the surplus powder from the stem and place it in cool deep water. Wrap the top portion of the flowers with a wet and cold cloth; keep misting the cloth so that it remains moist during the conditioning phase—around four hours. This exercise helps in hardening the blossoms.

Here are few varieties you can choose from:

–          Tinted Assorted

–          Natural Assorted

–          Jumbo Assorted

–          Super Select White

–          Jumbo White

–          White

–          Silver White Tinted

–          Super Select Blue

–          Jumbo Light Blue Tinted

–          Blue Tinted

–          Jumbo Blue

–          Blue Dutch

–          Elite Shocking Blue

–          Natural Blue

–          Elite Lavender Blue

–          Purple Tinted

–          Black Tinted

–          Elite Purple

–          Berenjena Dark Purple Tinted

–          Lavender Tinted

–          Dutch Lavender

–          Jumbo Lavender Tinted

–          Elite Lavender

–          Antique Purple Tinted

–          Popcorn

–          Jumbo Lime-Green

–          Antique Green

–          Green Tinted

–          Mini Natural Green

–          Gold Tinted

–          Yellow Tinted

–          Chocolate Tinted

–          Salmon Tinted

–          Terracotta Tinted

–          Natural Pink

–          Antique Pink

–          Jumbo Pink

–          Silver Pink Tinted

–          Dutch Hot Pink

–          Pink Tinted

–          Hot Pink Tinted

–          Red Tinted

–          Elite Raspberry

–          Burgundy Tinted

–          Orange Tinted


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