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Some Exciting Ways To Use Greens This Holiday Season

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Christmas Door Decoration with Greenery

Let’s face it, every holiday season comes and goes faster than you can blink your eyes sometimes. If you think about it, you just got done putting away all those decorations and ornaments from last season. You might be thinking that it might be a refreshing change to try something a bit different this year. Perhaps you have friends and relatives coming and you want really want to impress them, but just not with the same old stuff. Well, here are some ideas that will help give you some decorative options, some might actually surprise you. Buying Bulk Garland is a great way to get started, also Bulk Wreaths. Now let’s go explore some of options for them.

  1. Put them in places you wouldn’t normally find them. Think about for a minute, presentation is everything when entertaining guests and every little detail counts. Why not get creative and put little pieces of garland or greenery in places you might least expect?  Becoming thorough will certainly gain some accreditation when placed in every single room of your house, including your bathroom. Talk about becoming festive, it will be impossible not the think about the holidays when hiding in every corner of your house is a fresh cut green. Some other really inviting ideas is decorating your breakfast, lunch or dinner with little pieces of greens tucked here and there around the coffee or tea cups and serving dishes. Nothing will please the eyes better.
  2. Another good idea to fasten some garland around all of your light fixtures and hanging chandeliers. You may also have some a chandy or two on your walls. Tucking some through the weaving will also look very festive. Finding the right balance for you is important so experiment a little bit and try some here and there. Some people like to all out with the garnish while others feel that moderation is the best policy. You need to see what works best for you and your lifestyle.
  3. You might also consider coming up with your own style of topiary and work with the ideas that are already in your heart and mind. It is frustrating when your search all over town at every household furnishing store and you can never quite find what you are trying to envision. Also, you don’t really want to settle for less than what you are thinking so why not make your own? You can get some pine and cedar and hypericum berries , along with some branches and come up with your own creation in some decorative bowls and vases. You can even make some little Christmas ornament that only you can replicate and impress your family, friends, and guests with.
  4. Ordering fresh cut Christmas Wreaths not only will look fresh and fabulous, but will make your home smell terrific. Find some festive ribbon or burlap and wrap it around the top and hang them from every door. You may even consider hanging them on the inside of your house. We have some wonderful wreaths to choose from such as: seeded eucalyptus, magnolia, boxwood, rosemary, fir, salal, millet, and many other varieties available.
  5. You may also want to consider miniature Christmas trees for an extra enhancement around the home. They look exclusively well in the front entryways, the fireplace, even in corners. You can actually decorate them like a regular Christmas tree or leave them plain.
Hypericum Berries Wreaths

Wholesale Garlands are beautiful, they smell good and are very affordable when purchasing from Whole Blossoms. We have a huge selection and they are becoming more and more popular during the holiday season.

You may also be curious as to how using garlands and wreaths became so popular. You can go anywhere around the world and discover how they have been used in almost every culture.  Early tradition tells us that the first settlers to America began using this tradition as they brought their garlands to decorate their living rooms. Many people decided making them to earn an extra income during the holiday season after the harvest season was over. Not only were the garlands used for homes, but also in churches, businesses, shops, and hospitals. Accompanied with snow covered backgrounds they became extremely inviting.

At the turn of the century, the abundance of foliage decreased dramatically and the need for artificial greens became in demand. No matter what, nothing replaces the look of natural fresh cut greens and garlands.

Flower Arrangements with Succulents

When it comes to wreaths the history is slightly different. The first known wreaths date all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. They would handcraft fresh leaves, flowers; even fruits and nuts into a ring shaped weave and were used to represent a person’s social status, level of importance, occupation, and many of their achievements.  A well known tradition was the placing of a wreath or laurel as a crown on top of the victors of the Greco-Roman Olympic games.

Another history of the wreaths comes from Christian history in which they began assembling them to symbolize the strength of life they have in Christ by preserving through the difficult winter months. For the Christians, the circles also represented the eternal life they have through their faith and are the perfect manifestation of immortality. 

Table Decoration with Garland

You may have a different aspect as to their history or as to what they mean to you personally. You have to admit; however, that their places in the world have come a long way and show diversity in the way the world attempts to cooperate today.  Today they are still made from very hearty leaves, symbolizing strength and beauty. You will also notice today that you can find them in other various shapes such as squares and crosses.

Once again, at Whole Blossoms we are here to help you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We invite you to take a look at our catalog with our wide diversity and variety for your holiday enjoyment.

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