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Finding the Right Color for Fall Weddings and Special Events

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Fall weddings Bouquets

The Fall Wedding Season is officially here and besides weddings, we also have many events such as harvest parties, Halloween parties, and Thanksgiving. The fall season will be leaving us quickly so it’s important to think about what you want and how meaningful fall colors, décor, and floral arrangements are for your special get together. You may also want to consider our Wholesale Greenery as another exciting option to make the ordinary look extraordinary.

Before you consider ideas that seem to be trendy these days, it’s necessary to get your color pallet ready and think about fall colors. Whether you are trying to create a flower arrangement or set up furnishing to make your presentation grand, you might want to consider the emotions involved with each fall color. Considering the color of each fall color will allow you to create your environment with the theme you are trying to convey.


Whenever you incorporate red you will be sure to invoke intense, emotional feelings. It is a bold color and can be seen on the changing leaves of the trees. Somehow red will stimulate quick feelings and responses. Red Roses will look incredible with Fresh Seeded Eucalyptus. Red also makes you feel the excitement of the changing seasons of your life. As you get older, you begin to realize that each level is just a doorway into different stages of your life. Red is found in the fall and demonstrates aging can also be exciting.

Red color Fall Weddings Bouquet


Orange is not only a brighter color, but it is a warm color. During the fall season, orange can bring out some emotions of Joy and happiness. If you are setting up a fall harvest party, decorating with pumpkins and even making a pumpkin pie can be some very exciting times of reflection and refreshment. You may even consider our Magnolia Garland Wholesale for the right accompaniment.


Yellow is also a bright, reflecting color and gives you the emotion you feel as you gaze into the sensation of the sunlight. Close your eyes keep your face directed at the sun you will feel the warmth as well as see it. Feeling is certainly part of the visual experience. We have many sunflower varieties that you can choose from as well as yellow tulips, roses, and tantalizing carnations. Whenever you see you yellow you feel happiness and optimism.

Orange Fall Wedding Bouquet


Brown is a natural color and will bring all of your arrangements and decorations down to earth. During the fall season we reflect on the bountiful goodness the earth has provided for us and having brown among your contrasts is super important. Since brown is a more down to earth color, it tends to give you a feeling of comfort and calm. It is a very important balance. We have some floral varieties with lovely shades of brown such as: Chocolate Mini Calla Lilies, chocolate cosmos flower,chocolate dahlia flowers, and many others.


Black is the strongest of all colors and is the contrast and highlight of all the fall colors. It is the defining lines between everything. When you are using black you must be careful because it has the ability to create emotions such as: fear, unhappiness, anger, sadness and many other negative emotions. With this in mind, please use this color wisely. If you are planning on having a Halloween get together, then you will want to use more of it. If you are looking for a more happy experience, then use less of it. Please experiment for just the right touch.

Brown Fall Wedding Bouquets

Light Brown

You see this color in nature and will bring you feelings of resilience, dependability, safety, and security. There is something comforting about gathering together with family and friends and adding light brown to your surroundings will make everyone feel like they truly belong.


Gold is a color that is seen on the changing leaves and is the love child of yellow and brown. It is a color associated with prosperity and wealth. When the leaves turn golden, they show their value and their importance in nature. Gold looks well as a backdrop for decorations and floral arrangements and is the surprising sparkle for a fall get together.


This is also another color associated with wealth and prosperity and is also seen in the changing colors of the season. It can be a more masculine color, but adding a feminine contrast will make it the perfect harmony for your fall event. Be careful however, not to get too carried away with it. It can also be a color associated with a repressed mind. It’s just like preparing your favorite recipe, sometimes you need many different spices, but with certain spices. A little goes a long way.


Purple is also a color associated with fall and is seen on the aging leaves. Purple is a very powerful color and is associated with nobility, royalty. It is also a color of creativity which will add some very good color to your creative planning. At Whole Blossoms we have many lovely purple varieties if you plan on trying to create a floral arrangement for your special event.

Purple Color Bouquet for Fall Wedding

Olive Green

Just because the leaves are changing doesn’t mean you can’t add a little green and harmonizing your arrangements and decorations with Olive Green is more certainly important. It is a color that traditionally represents peace. Nothing can be more peaceful with your arrangements with Olive Green backgrounds and fresh cut greens in your mixture.

After having giving you the major colors associated with fall, it’s time to sit down and sketch out all your thoughts and ideas. Create a blueprint for everything you do and you will see how much it easier it is to put it all together. It is definitely worth the time to plan it all out. You may want to start with a list of what you hope to accomplish with your special event and coordinate them with the proper colors. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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