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Thanksgiving Flowers and Fall Wedding Flowers

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Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

Thanksgiving will quickly be upon us and no matter how you wish to celebrate; nothing looks better and more inspiring than Thanksgiving Centerpieces. At Whole Blossoms, we have a special selection of Wholesale Flowers for your consideration under the category of Thanksgiving Flowers.

November is also a great month for Fall Wedding Flowers and Fall Wedding Bouquets. Due to Covid, many couples postponed their spring and summer wedding and many have chosen this time for their Fall Flower Arrangements. Brides, event planners, and even florists have been ordering Burgundy Flowers for their weddings or events.

Before we talk about Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas, let me just say a few things about Fall Flower Arrangements. Fall Flowers must be accompanied and assembled with the right Fall Colors, such as: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, and Burgundy. At Whole Blossoms, we would like to give you our top Flower pick for each color.

Red Flowers

Dark Red Peonies

Hands down, this is a top fall seller and looks excellent in Fall Wedding Bouquets. They are the perfect focal flower and are a great starter for your Flower Arrangements. If you want to add the Balance of the Fall Wedding Colors, you can add all of our number one choices for the perfect Bouquet.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Gerbera Flowers Dark Center

This lovely variety can be found in almost Fall Wedding Flowers. Yellow is certainly a great fall color and can be seen on the changing colors of the leaves and seems to be the perfect highlight for Fall Arrangements. You can place them in vases and place them along the reception tables, or make them highlights for a Flower Wall.

Orange Flowers

Orange Ranunculus

This is an excellent variety and probably one of, if not the favorite bloom for Fall Centerpieces and other Thanksgiving Decorations. Ranunculus is probably my favorite flowers. The White Ranunculus and Pink Ranunculus are my favorite, but for Fall Arrangements, and even Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces, orange is the best.

Purple Flowers

Purple Mini Calla Lilies

This variety is also a must in your fall assortments. The rich tone and really cool shape makes this a winner for Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets. They are easy to work with and since the stems are a bit more fragile them other Flower Stems, it’s important that you place them in the center of your Bouquets.

Burgundy Flowers

Burgundy Dahlia Flower

This cool looking variety is really purchased big during the fall months, especially in October, but for November, it makes a very good choice for its texture and tone. Dahlias are very popular among brides. Scott Kunst, Old House Gardens in Ann Arbor said the following, “There is a profusion of petals, and they have substance. The colors tend to be rich. It makes them hold up well in a bouquet. They look great, morning to night.”

Dahlias are the perfect flower for all occasions.

This article is kind of a mixture between weddings and Thanksgiving since it is for one quick month, so we are trying to be ambitious and cover a lot of ground.

For Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas we have several options for you to choose from and if you want to make your family and friends have a great Thanksgiving 2020, in spite of having of having such a challenging year. Fresh Cut Flowers is the perfect presentation for this wonderful occasion.

For some ideas, we recommend

Burst of Sunflower Fall Centerpieces

This Centerpiece certainly has an allure that you will find enjoyable on your dining room table, or on a fine piece of furniture in your dining area.

This arrangement consists of Sunflower, Red Daisies, Ruscus, Orange Roses, and Leather Leaf Filler. It really feels like a fall burst of Sunflowers.

Uplifting Sunset Roses Centerpieces

This Centerpiece is uplifting to your spirit and has a wonderful appeal of colors that looks like the artwork of a fall sunset, right at its beginning. Nicholas Sparks said this about sunsets in The Notebook, “Dusk is an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. It means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are there cannot be one without the other yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel if I remember wandering to be always together, yet forever apart?”

You will feel this sentiment with this bouquet. It consists of Yellow Rose, and Orange Roses, with Italian Ruscus.

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