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My Recent Experience with Holiday Greens

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Thanksgiving table arrangements

At Whole Blossoms, we stand true to what we believe and believe we have the best quality greens, garlands and Wholesale Flowers on the market. Some may settle for less, for whatever reason, but a recent experience has reinforced several things in which we know and promote.

Recently we had some of our greens shipped to our house so we could take some photos and also entertain some guests. When you have an event planned, it’s great when you can enhance it with Garland, Christmas Garland, and lovely Spray Roses or regular roses. Since this was a last minute decision, we didn’t have time to wait an extra day to order Wholesale Roses Online, so we decided to go to Costco. We had already had to Garland shipped to us overnight and needed the photos and dinner preparation that evening, so we hesitatingly went there. Now our website has over 2,000 varieties, so we were certainly used to having many options, but when we went to the flower section, the number of options was extremely limited. Also, for the price you pay, the heads were so small and the quality was not great either. We almost didn’t get them, but wanted to impress our guests, so we did.

We brought home some White Roses and Pink Spray Roses and saved the best stems and had to get rid of a few that were not looking so great. We decided that next time we do a photo session we will take the time to order from www.wholeblossoms.com.

We also decided on using three of our favorite greens and garland. They are: Mixed Green Centerpiece, Seeded Eucalyptus Garland, and Magnolia Garland. All of our garlands and greens have some unique attributes that are worth writing about and mentioning.

First of all, let’s talk about the Mixed Green Centerpiece. When our box arrived with our fresh garland, we were exciting to open it and found it packed very nicely and was easily able to pull out the contents and examine everything. We were happy to find everything fresh and ready to use. One thing you might want to keep in mind is that when you order a long piece of garland, you may want to specify how long you would like each piece to be cut, because after it arrives it’s not really meant to be and should be used the way it was woven together.

Table arrangements with Magnolia Garland

The first thing we noticed about it is the lovely with the mix of greens and pine cones complemented each other. Its size is unique and can easily be placed in the center of your table or even on top of a fireplace mantle. You may even be able to fit them along window sills if they are wide enough. After we got our dinnerware set we placed the centerpiece in the middle of the table and then placed two tall white candles on each end of it and turned off the lights for an amazing sensation and mood enhancement. We then placed pink spray roses inside of the centerpiece and took several photos and video. The shots were amazing and then we photographed it with white roses. Personally, I liked the white roses the best, especially with the white candles. The exciting part is your ability to play with each piece and even use them for several days while you may have different occasions or events.

Secondly, we photographed with Magnolia Garland. Magnolia Garland has very thick leaves with green on one side of the leaf and brown on the other. The contrast of both colors will allow you to enjoy any time of the year and will look amazing for a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, perhaps even a New Years Dinner. One thing is for certain, we will never have a holiday without greens and garland around our home. It really makes you feel special and guests are taken in and actually feel more invited. It is so much easier to get into the mood and holiday spirit. We placed our dinnerware and candles along the table and tried photographing with the light and without the light and either way was fanciful and full of beauty. We then experimented with placing both white roses and pink spray roses. You really have to experiment and see how you feel with each color. The good thing about having different color flower heads is that you can change quickly and each color seemed to change the room each time as if you did something tremendous, yet it was simple.

Table decoration with Seeded Eucalyptus

Finally, we photographed the Seeded Eucalyptus Garland. This one was by far, my favorite. It not only had the right texture and coloring on the leaves, but the fragrance was more than breathtaking! You can’t even imagine how it looked and smelled on the fireplace mantle and especially on the dining room table. We also decided to take photos with pink spray roses tucked all throughout. We also put some short, round, white candles all along it to add the extra touch. With the candles lit and the lights out, our guests were in awe and it created quite a mood for a pleasant conversation and even some times of reflection. I must say, when you can turn your own home into the ultimate dining experience, you have done a wonderful job. Garlands and greens can do just that. Before dining, we also experimented with pacing white roses, which also had a pleasant effect.

After it was all said and done, it inspired this article and all I can tell you is that Whole Blossoms is the best and can definitely deliver. I believe there are times in life when the finer things are much more appreciated and if you look at our catalogue, you can see that we have quite a selection. We suggest making a list of what you are looking for and maybe even asking one of our consultants some other ideas. We are here for you.

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