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How To Keep Cut Hydrangeas From Wilting

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Hydrangeas are the highlight of almost every summer wedding. The little clusters of these beautiful fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale are widely used for almost every type of wedding décor. One can use hydrangeas for bouquets, centerpieces, wall hangings, and a lot more. However, keep these hydrangeas fresh and bright can be a difficult task. Even fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale wilt as soon as they are cut and delivered. So, to have the best feel and look of these flowers, one should know how to keep cut hydrangeas fresh.

Ways to keep your hydrangeas fresh at all times

#1 Keep them in water once you cut them

As soon as you cut the hydrangea flowers, make sure to put the stems in water. Also, by cutting the stems diagonally, you will be able to make the process simple where the flowers can easily take the water. Alternatively, one can also smash the end of the stems as it always a proper and easy flow of water to the flowers.

Make sure you choose the most mature blooms of hydrangeas. These will be a little papery and will shine bright. As soon as you have your fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale, put them directly into the water. Also, make sure that you replace the water in the vase on a regular basis. By replacing the water in the vase almost every other day, you can keep the hydrangeas fresh for a longer time.

#2 Strip the leaves of the flowers

The leaves of the hydrangea flowers consume the majority of the water that is in the vase. So, make sure you strip off the leaves from each stem. Especially the leaves which are directly in water should be removed immediately.
If you are trying to find different ways for how to revive fresh cut hydrangeas, stripping off the leaves should be one of your first steps.

#3 Boiling hydrangea stems in water

If your hydrangea flowers have already started to wilt and if you are wondering how do you keep cut hydrangeas fresh, you should surely opt for this method. The hydrangea flowers produce sap in the stem which blocks the water flow to the flower.

This can be easily fixed by putting each and every flower along with stem into boiling water. The boiling water helps in removing the sap from inside of the stem and the gorgeous blooms can have a proper flow of water. Once you boil the stems for 30 seconds, directly move the flowers into a vase filled with room temperature water.

#4 Make hydrangeas last longer with additives

The vase that you put the flowers in, generally have a lot of bacteria which will eventually affect the life of the flower. Bacteria reduce the life of the flowers by degrading the quality of water. One can reduce the number of bacteria in the vase by adding soap in the water.

To feed to the stems of hydrangea flowers, add sugar in the water. By adding sugar, the stems will not consume as much water and there will be enough for the flowers too. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale from wilting.

#5 Treating the flower properly after cutting it

Once you cut the stem of the hydrangea flower, there usually is a sticky substance that forms at the end of the substance. This stick substance prevents the proper flow of water inside the stem and the blooms eventually dry up.

But, how to keep the cut hydrangeas fresh and prevent this sticky substance? By using alum, one can easily prevent the formation of sticky substance at the tip of the stems. Whenever you see the formation of the sticky substance at the end, re-cut the stem an inch above from the previous cut. After that, immediately put the bottom half of the stem into alum and coat it with it. This will stop the wilting process and you will have fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale for a few more days.

How to revive fresh cut hydrangeas?

If the blooms start to prematurely wilt, you should opt for emergency rescue to stop the wilting and to be able to use these beautiful blooms in your wedding décor. In case of premature wilting, one should submerge these flowers in a water bath for a minimum of 45 minutes. This will help the flowers to revive in an hour or two and wedding planners who are wondering how to revive fresh cut hydrangeas,have the perfect solution.

Once the water bath is done, repeat the procedure as mentioned in the above steps. Cut the stems from the end and place them in boiling water to remove the sap from the stems. After this, put the flowers into a vase with fresh water at room temperature. The gorgeous blooms of the hydrangea flowers will live for a day or two more.

Importance of hydrangeas in a wedding décor

Hydrangeas have been used in wedding decors since forever. They are true symbols of love and togetherness. To put it in a more refined manner, hydrangeas have been associated to express ‘heartfelt emotions’. These evergreen blooms represent understanding and adjustment. Thus, these qualities make them significant for wedding decorations.

Hydrangeas are very graceful in appearance. Hence, putting them to use in wedding decorations isn’t much difficult. You can use them in simply all the décor elements! Use them to make wedding centerpieces, bridal bouquets, in garlands and wedding arch, along the aisle, etc. Hydrangeas look lovely in boutonnieres, corsages and in wedding cakes too! Get creative and put these stunning florals to great use in your wedding décor.

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