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How Important is Greenery to Your Floral Arrangements?

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4 Different Greens to Consider

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In this age of “green” weddings, you may want to fill or simply accent your bouquet with a unique, eye-catching collection of greenery and filler. Baby’s breath may be too pedestrian for you, and lily of the valley appears in over 90 percent of bridal bouquets these days. Since interior designers now decorate homes with ferns and frond plants both live and in the form of artwork, it’s no wonder the all-green look has come to bridal design.

Think outside the box with a veritable world of gorgeous greens and fabulous fillers that can make even the most modest flowers look amazing by virtue of being surrounded by unexpected leaf textures, glossy ferns, and tiny filler flowers in unexpected shapes.

Today’s greens come in feathery textures, curled leaves, and veined striping for added effect. Floral designs say they love to experiment with new varieties of locally grown and imported greenery, and they often visit floral shows and wholesalers to explore the new arrivals. You too can seek out these resources.

The benefit of greenery and filler is that they most often are very inexpensive, which allows you to include more expensive flowers (such as gardenias and orchids) in your bouquet and still save up to 40 percent on each bouquet. Greenery might be available for just a few dollars a bunch, and it’s easy to incorporate into DIY projects as well. Plus, if you’re not an experienced DIYer, you’ll have plenty of greenery available to you on the cheap should you need to scrap a bouquet and start over.

Beyond the lush green color, wispy leaves and grasses can give a waterfall effect to your banquet without the shaping of cascade. Just half a dozen fronds of long fern or ivy, or the movement of decorative grass lengths, and you have created a signature bouquet.

1.       Consider Ferns


  • The most common bouquet ferns are leatherleaf and maidenhair, which you’ll recognize from the bouquets you see in floral shops and supermarket garden centers
  • For a softer, wispier look, try silk fern
  • Also called ladder fern, Nephrolepis is a unique fern to build into a bouquet
  • For softer, larger quarter-size leaves, use roundleaf fern as a visual effect in your bouquet or centerpieces

2.       Consider Grasses


  • Cut long lengths of ornamental grasses to add to your bouquet as a green, natural replacement for trailing ribbons.
  • Ornamental grasses provide movement to your bouquet as you walk and can provide a waterfall effect without the heft and texture of a cascade bouquet
  • Some of the most unique grasses that give a cascading effect to a bouquet are Bermuda grass, wild grass, flax grass, pampras, tropical sedum, hanging grass vine, and kiwi fruit grass.

3.       Consider Unique Leaves


  • Some popular flowers, such as birds of paradise, feature such gorgeous leaves that they’re often cut from the flower stems and used as filler
  • Check out the following leaf varieties: bird of paradise leaves, magnolia leaves, and grape leaves (with marbled or pink center)
  • For an autumn wedding blend colorful maple and oak tree leaves into your bouquet
  • For summer weddings, palm leaves provide a fun tropical look for your bouquet base

4.       Consider Filler Flowers


  • Besides lilies of the valley, consider other small flowers with unique shapes
  • Astilbe has a feathery appearance and comes in white, pink, red, yellow, and orange, all of which work well for summer and fall weddings
  • Allium looks like a puffball and adds a playful dimension to a bouquet, especially for winter weddings when you want a snowball effect
  • Chestnut pods are also like puffballs and add fun and round dimension to taller, trumpet-shaped flowers

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