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7 Helpful Hints When Choosing and Using Foliage

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choosing foliage

Greens are an essential part of any floral arrangement; sometimes they are even more important than the flowers. Foliage makes a balance, in addition to the shape of the floral arrangement.


Greens also give a dark background which in turn helps in highlighting the bright colors of the flowers. Greens are usually more reasonably priced than flowers, so you can use them without any added expense. There are wide varieties of fascinating greens you can select.

Before picking, you may consider to these seven points:

  1. You Should Look For Foliage Options – Greens are available in many patterns and shapes. Look for the accurate variety to match your floral arrangement.
  2. You Should Look For Leaf Texture And Shapes – The texture and shapes are as important as the color. They are a key part of creating a floral beautiful arrangement.
  3. You Should Look For Leaves Of Different Weights– You can make multilayered dimensions using light or heavy leaves.
  4. You Should Choose Leaves As Per the Season– Few leaves are seasonal, so you must plan according to their availability at the time of the year.
  5. You Should Arrange The Leaves The Way You Prefer Them – Heavier leaves should be towards the back of the vase, lighter leaves on top, or in front.
  6. You Should Set The Leaves Tightly In The Arrangement – Push the stems firmly to make sure that the arrangement sits well. Ensure that you have water in a container, remove any leaves beneath the water line, or they will start to rot. Split or crush woody ends prior to placing them in the water.
  7. You Should Condition The Leaves – To make leaves look brighter, rub them with olive oil. This brightens up the leaves and removes any stains.

Hopefully these ideas will be helpful to you and you can utilize them in your wedding décor preparation. Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to help you and offer you with the freshest wholesale flowers available. Enjoy our FREE SHIPPING and convincingly low prices on all orders.


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