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What do You Know about Bells of Ireland?

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Bells of Ireland 101

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Are you searching for the perfect flower and getting ready for your next planned event or wedding? Sometimes there is no right or wrong flower but a matter preference as to what fits your needs or what fits your personality. The 101 series is a series of articles helping to educate everyone with the contrasts of various flowers. You may want to read the others in this series as well as many other helpful articles.

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There are three things to know about Bells of Ireland:

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  1. Bells of Ireland are tall, apple-green spike flowers consisting of several small white blossoms surrounded by green shell-type petals. The spikes are generally about 24 inches in length. Fresh bells of Ireland have the shell petals open and the small white flowers exposed. The spikes are straight and firm to the touch.
  2. The tips of bells of Ireland begin to droop with age. The shell-type petals at the base of the spike appear to be closed and may be discolored. The spike is soft to the touch.
  3. Bells of Ireland are most appreciated for the predominantly bright-green foliage surrounding the small white flowers, rather than for the flowers themselves. They can be used as a foliage choice as well. The color accents other flowers and brightens the overall bouquet.

Some facts to know about Bells of Ireland:

Names – Bells of Ireland, Moluccella, and shellflower.

Colors – Very small white flowers surrounded by predominant bright-green shells.

Scent – Very faint musk fragrance

Freshness – The shells are open and the white flowers exposed. The stems are upright.

Vase Life – 7 to 10 days or longer.

Availability – spring and summer

Cost – Inexpensive.

Arranging Tip – The bright-green color of bells of Ireland is a great accent in flower combinations. Use them like a foliage choice. Cut the tips off about one-third of the way down and set aside. Fill the vase with a base of the cut stems. Fill in with other flowers. Add the tips of the bells of Ireland around the edges of the other flowers and the container. The color really brightens the bouquet.

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