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Hydrangeas are the highlight of almost every summer wedding. The little clusters of these beautiful fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale are widely used for almost every type of wedding décor. One can use hydrangeas for bouquets, centerpieces, wall hangings, and a lot more. However, keep these hydrangeas fresh and bright can be a difficult task. Even fresh cut hydrangeas wholesale wilt as soon as they are cut and delivered. So, to have the best feel and look of these flowers, one should know how to keep cut hydrangeas fresh.

Ways to keep your hydrangeas fresh at all times

#1 Keep them in water once you cut them

As soon as you cut the hydrangea flowers, make sure to put the stems in water. Also, by cutting the stems diagonally, you will be able to make the process simple where the flowers can easily take the water. Alternatively, one can also smash the end of the stems as it always a proper and easy flow of water to the flowers.

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