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Tropical Flowers For A Wedding That Will Make You Think Of Hawaii

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Hawaii is known for its scenic beauty, vibrancy and the feel of paradise that it brings to the people. Hawaii is a tropical region and thus, has a rich floral spread across its lands. Any individual is bound to fall in love with this paradise! How about bringing in this paradise look with a Hawaiian themed wedding? Hawaiian themed weddings are a perfect example of aesthetic wedding decorations. Buy yourself wholesale tropical flowers and create a paradise of your own at your wedding venue. Pick from the vast variety of tropical blooms available today and enhance the wedding décor with the vibrant tropical blooms.

What makes the tropical flowers so appealing?

Flowers have always been associated with positive emotions. The initiate feelings of love, happiness, joy, and togetherness amongst people. Also, not to forget, they make the decorations look stunning at the wedding. Hence, flowers are very commonly employed as décor elements at weddings.

Tropical flowers have a very cheerful appearance. They are usually bright and lush in appearance. All the different colors available in tropical flower varieties have their own significance, a story of their own to tell. Tropical wholesale flowers like Phalaenopsis orchids, Cymbidium orchids, and Proteas, bring out a Hawaiian feel at the venue.

Thus, they enhance the entire wedding décor by manifolds. Choosing wholesale tropical flowers will add cheer and happiness to the wedding, filling the guests’ hearts with joy.

The diversity of tropical flowers for weddings

Every couple wishes to have a wedding that is beautiful, loving and unique. The diverse variety of wholesale tropical flowers bulk available for the decorations makes the wedding décor planning easy. In case you are planning to have a tropical, Hawaiian décor for your special day, you have to get a little into the details of the type of wedding you desire.

For those of you wanting to have a beach wedding, white tropical flowers look lovely. Flower varieties like white phalaenopsis orchids, cymbidium orchids, and white lotuses are ideal for getting a Hawaiian décor in place.

Garden themed weddings, on the other hand, can have more vibrant flowers like pink cymbidium orchids, dendrobium blooms, maracas flowers, etc. These flowers will give a wild, happy feel to the wedding décor.

Décor ideas with tropical flowers

Each tropical flower is unique in its own way and just as lovely as the other! Need ideas for a wedding décor that will make you think of Hawaii? Here are a few themes listed out for you to help you find the best fit décor for your special day:

A pink wedding

For those of you who like a fairy tale themed décor, a tropical pink wedding would be a lovely idea! Right from the wedding arch to the bridesmaid bouquet or the boutonnieres, keep it bright and pink!

Tropical greens like large palm leaves complement the pink wholesale tropical flowers really well and bring out the magic of Hawaii in the décor. The centerpieces could hold pink ginger blooms or the Proteas for a fairytale-like décor. The garlands could be designed with dendrobium orchids for a lively outlook.

To add to the charm, have beautiful pink tiaras for the bride and bridesmaids along with the tropical flower bouquet!

  • A beachy affair

When the talk is about Hawaiian style, a paradise beach feel can’t be left behind! Beach weddings are simply elegant and stunning! They have something heavenly and sophisticated associated with them. If you are a couple who likes outdoor, waterside weddings, a beach affair would be wonderful.

Planning a décor for a beach wedding isn’t that hard. Just give it a little thought and decide if you would like a monotonic décor or something full of different colors. There are certain flower varieties that fit in the beach style décor perfectly.

White tropical flowers are the best pick for this theme! These blooms can be used in a number of ways to enhance the aesthetics of your décor. The aisle can be lined up with small bunches of white tropical flowers coupled with greenery. The bridal bouquet too looks lovely when made with all-white blooms, matching her attire perfectly. Apart from these, Heliconia blooms offer a unique and special décor arrangement. They add a sophisticated touch to the venue.

  • Bright and sunny

Purchase wholesale tropical flowers that are bright and sunny in appearance for this type of décor. Spread a wave of sunshine and happiness at your wedding with the right set of tropical blooms.

Have the wedding centerpieces made with gold pincushion proteas or yellow heliconia flowers for the wedding. You could have garlands made out of mokara orchids and cymbidium orchids that are bright in appearance. The best part about yellow and orange blossoms is that they blend in perfectly with the greenery. Moreover, they have a soothing effect on the eyes, spreading joy at the same time. Add the excitement of yellow to the wedding décor; make it look like a paradise! Oncidium orchid flowers can also be utilized in multiple ways to make the venue more beautiful.

Pick the right florist for your wedding!

Choosing the right flower variety isn’t the only important thing. It is also essential that you choose the right florist to provide you with the perfect blooms for the wedding decorations.

When it comes to buying wholesale tropical flowers bulk, Whole Blossoms is the store you should opt for! Get yourself the fresh quality blooms picked right from the gardens exclusively for you! Add to the aesthetics of the wedding with rich and vibrant wholesale tropical flowers. Buy the florals and greenery in bulk, because, the more, the merrier! After all, we are talking about one of the most special days of your life. Make the day even more special with the perfect blend of tropical flowers from Whole Blossoms and have a happy, beautiful wedding! Contact us at Whole Blossoms for all your floral requirements and get fresh flowers delivered to you in time.

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