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Popular Wedding Flowers for 2020

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Gardenias wedding flowers

The wedding season for 2020 is now upon us and it’s time to start planning. If you are about to get married this year and still not really sure what kind of flowers to choose, let us give some of the top flowers that are really in and are going to be popular this year. You want to stand out and you want everything to be perfect, the examples we share with you will make the most excitement possible. Besides understanding the right variety for you, at Whole Blossoms, we allow you to prepare your Wedding Flowers on a very good budget.

1) Ranunculus

Ranunculus are ideal for spring time weddings. If you buy your Bulk Flowers from Whole Blossoms, we have many variety options available. They come in many different shapes and sizes and making a striking display when paired with the right varieties and colors. Some of the varieties we have available are: White Ranunculus, Pink Ranunculus Flower, Orange Ranunculus, Assorted Ranunculus, Hot Pink Ranunculus Flower, Peach Ranunculus Flower, Ranunculus Burgundy Flower, Red Ranunculus, and so much more.

They have very gorgeous blooms and are sure to add bursts of color in your centerpieces and bouquets in ways that no other flowers could hold a candle to.

Ranunculus wedding flowers and bouquets

2) Peonies

The greatest seasons to use peonies for weddings are in the spring and summer months, although they can be displayed any time of the year for proper enjoyment and reflection. They seem to pair well with Cream Roses and Seeded Eucalyptus. We have some very nice varieties of them that you may want to consider. We have several shades between blush and pink that will all blend nicely together. Some of these varieties include: Blush Peonies, Sarah Bernhardt Pink Peony Flower, White Peonies, Pink Peony Wedding Flowers, Festiva Maxima Peonies, Sarah Bernhardt Peony Flower, Pink Peony Hot Pink Fuchsia, Coral Peony Flower, and many other colors that range from coral to red.

Brides seem to really love this variety because of its soft, lush petals and incredible shape. They go well with Ranunculus and roses as well. They are such a beautiful flower for any kind of arrangement and when you start arranging with them, you might not want any other flower variety again.   

Peonies wedding flowers

3) Rose

This has been pretty much the traditional wedding flower for many years. It is available year around and its most traditional color is red. We have several varieties to choose from, such as: White Ecuadorian Roses, Red Ecuadorian Roses, Jeanne Moreau Light Garden Rose, Blush Garden Rose Flower, Vendela Rose Flower, and Pink Ecuadorian Roses. We also have many other classic and new varieties. Please check out our catalog to see our complete selection.

Roses have always been the universal symbol of love and beauty and no matter what trend seem to be coming or going, roses have always remained consistent.

roses wedding bouquet

4) Hydrangeas

With hydrangeas, you get plenty of volume. This makes them very useful in floral arrangements. A little bit of them will go a long way. We have recently added some new varieties and have plenty of options. Some of our options include: White Hydrangea Flower, Natural Blue Hydrangea, Pink Hydrangea Natural, Hydrangea Natural Green Mini, Lime Green Tinted Natural Hydrangea, and Super Select Blue Hydrangea.

Brides love them for bouquets, but they also look well as cake toppers and is sure to add an elegant accent for your wedding and reception.

Hydrangea wedding table centerpieces

5) Gardenias

These are excellent summer wedding flowers. Remember, they don’t have a stem so they will look beautiful in a floating bowl of water with candles. The only variety we have is white. They have an intoxicating fragrance, so if you plan on using them, plan on everything smelling very beautiful. Fresh Gardenia is something we get a lot of orders for and many of the weddings we have supplied this type of bloom for have been for outdoor weddings or events.

You will be hypnotized by them and will want plenty of them. If you are planning on decorating lattice work, they will be perfect for them.

6) Calla Lily

Now this variety is sleek and modern looking. All you have to do is add a few stems to your bouquet or centerpiece for a dramatic appearance. They look great any season of the year. Some varieties we have are: White Calla Lilies, Picasso Vermeer Calla Lily Mini, Calla Lily Dark Schwarzwalder black star, Orange Mango Calla Lilies, and Calla Lily Lavender Flower.

If you are trying to find the right variety to add enhancement to your bouquet, this is truly your bloom.

We have about 9 more varieties to talk about and next week we will give some more popular Flowers For Weddings in 2020.

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